Gem – On Separatism and the Dark Elite

Separatism is Often Disguised Historically, Greek businesses have given job preferences to Greek family members, Religious Schools contracted teachers of the same Religion, Jews chose to employ and do business with other Jews, Asians preferenced other Asians, and Men chose to work with other Men, believing women as inferior, etc. In recent years we can […]

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Gem – Interdependence verses Separatism

Personal Strength Verses Collective Strength “I don’t need anything from anybody.” “I need nothing from nobody.” “I am a strong independent…woman, man, person.” “I don’t want to depend on anyone for anything.” “I am at my best when I go it alone.” These are not only statements which are utterly untrue, they are made exclusively

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On Achieving Integrated High Vibration

Many who seek High-vibrational Consciousness repeatedly make choices that guarantees they will never achieve it! Are you one of the many who talks about Raising your Vibration?If so, are you taking the basic steps, before getting all caught up in the fanciful thoughts of more advanced possibilities – ie are you authentic, integrated and grounded

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Gem – On Religion, Peace and Veganism

It is our Actions that Evidence our Beliefs “Religion speaks of peace, but it is Veganism that actually practices it. Actions speak louder than words.”  ~ unknown Of course when someone speaks of “religion”, they are speaking in the broadest of ways. Religions are comprised of individual people, so when considering religion as a whole

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