Co-Measuring Life with Heart-Based Values

Are You Truly a Loving Person?

Let us look at your Chosen Path in Life, to determine whether you are on track to Self-Mastery, Enlightenment, and Liberation (the outcome and goal of Love), or if you are genuinely needing some course corrections…

The best way to ascertain where you are at, is to co-measure your Life and Lifestyle against the qualities of the Heart Centre and Love. We focus on this level of expression because in the final analysis, it does not matter what you Believe, it matters what you Embody! The same Belief can be interpreted and acted upon in a myriad of ways – benevolent and malevolent alike. So, we must co-measure against the Heart, the actions and inactions in our lives, if we want to see with eyes of Truth.

The Heart, and therefore Love, is grossly misunderstood by many. Foundational to their confusion is that they believe Love is an emotion. It is not!
Of course, there is little L love, a word inaccurately used to represent a combination of affection, passion, lust, sentiment, emotional caring, desires, and attachment. But these have nothing to do with capital L Love, nor the Heart Centre; they are all expressions of the Solar Plexus and Sacral Centres.

Esoterically, Love is known as Clear Cold Reason.

Clear – because it is uncoloured by any emotion or thought that could qualify or change its purity in any way! For Love to be Love, it must be, and remain, untainted.

Cold – because it is un-moved by any emotion – no matter how beautiful. The movement in emotion causes warmth, however with Love, all movement has ceased, frozen like ice, it remains detached and dispassionate, therefore ever objective.

Reason – the universe is held in balance by the Law of Karma. This Law is exact, and so for any given causality, action, or inaction, there is a precise effect or consequence that is required to balance it, while unfolding The Great Plan. This is the Reason of Love at work! It has reason, IS reason. It is a type of Divine Logic – vast and abstract.

Love expresses as Inclusivity, Synthetic Universality, Dispassionate Compassion, Wisdom, Benevolence, Selfless Service, Lovingkindness, Aspiration (as an expression of the force of evolution), Selflessness, Golden Balance, Right Human Relations, and most importantly for modern man to realise – as Harmlessness!

Love is the foundation and basis to all life, at least within our Solar System. It is the force that drives evolution, including the pathway from the Human to the Spiritual Kingdoms – the Way of Enlightenment and Liberation. Therefore, if we want to know if our life is heading us toward or away from this evolutionary goal, we must co-measure everything against Heart-Based Values.
In the end, Love and Evolution will get us there, regardless how long it takes or how painful the journey. However, there is an enormous difference between being blindly pulled by vast cosmic streams and consciously engaging with The Way of The Heart!

Co-Measuring our Lives

Many of the expressions of the Heart can be difficult to measure against, due to their abstract nature. Therefore, the simplest way forward is to begin with Selflessness and Harmlessness, for these two are far more within the reach of our everyday consciousness.

Starting with Selflessness…

  • Take time to consider whether all of your actions and inactions in life are aligned to the principle of Greatest Good For All, or whether they are only good for You and your Family, your Religious group, your Nation, your Species – that is, they are essentially Selfish or focused only on the good of You and Yours, and not for All!
  • Are you giving to others that which you desire for yourself? As this is how the Law of Magnetic Attraction works.
  • Are you motivated by What You Can Get, rather than What You Can Give!?
  • Always pause and ask, will this make the World a better place?

And next look at Harmlessness…

  • Is there anything I am doing, or not doing, that is causing Harm to myself, to others, to animals, to the environment, and even to so-called inanimate objects? Be deeply, radically honest as you explore this!
  • Is my behaviour cruel in any way?
  • Do my choices damage or destroy the environment? Are the things I am buying made from sustainable materials, and can they be fully recycled or composted at the end of their life?
  • Am I expressing from Judgement, Fear, or Hate?
  • Am I causing bodily harm to myself, others, animals, or plants?
  • Am I imposing my thoughts and beliefs onto others, whose choices and behaviours are just different, but are not causing harm?
Everything in creation deserves Loving Respect, and an existence free from us causing them Harm!

Our degree of Harm-engendering or Harmlessness can be a tricky contemplation to achieve, at least with genuine objectivity, because we will filter every answer through our own belief systems. Therefore, we must strive to put aside our Religious, Political, Personal, and National Beliefs as filters of what is Harmful – because if we do not, this too is a type of Harm!

We must limit our definition to those things that come under the labels of violence, hate, cruelty, separatism, loss of freedom. And we must absolutely hold the line against confining or taking the life of any being – except as a measure against them causing Harm to self or others. We must never sit idly by while fear, hate, and violence are inflicted upon anyone or anything. We should act with Wisdom, but take action we must, never justifying turning a blind eye and settling for inaction.

We must also remember that it is easy to assess and judge others, partly through having a degree of objectivity, but more commonly through projection. It is far harder to see the limitations within ourselves. My suggestion is to rely on the mirrored quality of the Universe – namely, what you see in others, you most need to address in yourself. And you should pay especial attention to what you see and have a reaction to! For if we see something and are not at all bothered or disturbed by it, this is very different to seeing something and being mentally or emotionally triggered by it. It is these latter reactions that show us where we ourselves need to focus our attention.

Of course, for those that are younger souls, they will not even see terrible things as they are, for they have not yet awakened sufficient Love and Light within their nature. Their relative inner Darkness will be in harmony with the Darkness of others, and so no seeing or reaction to it will occur.

Taking Action

The best way to bring Greater Love into the world, is to work on and clear all the unloving behaviours within ourselves! Again, it is easy to see where others need to “do some work”. But if we remember the principle: “we don’t see the world how it is, we see it how we are”, we then know that making judgemental statements is a declaration of our own limitations. Hence, it is generally better to keep quiet about other’s lack of Love and focus on where we ourselves need work!

We can indeed, discuss the nature of the world, the state of our governments, the negative impacts of certain powerful or influential people, etc… to inform our actions. But we must remember that there is always some good we can focus on, along with the bad, to keep our perspective in balance. In fact, we should always strive to see and seek Love and Light in greater measure than the Ignorance and Darkness we so easily see.

As I write these words, I am aware of all the areas I myself am lacking in this regard. And I note that it is so easy to allow oneself to get swept up into a focus on the negative and limiting qualities we all have. It takes far more nous, and far more Heart, to seek and see the Love and Light and Kindness in ourselves and others. But this we must put effort into. This is how we align our Life and Lifestyle to the Heart.

We Can Help Each Other

Wisdom is something quite elusive at the level of the Individual. Due to it being a quality of the Heart, it finds its zenith of manifestation when we work together in the highest form of Collective.

One of the very best ways to embody Selflessness and Benevolent Service is to assist those we are in connection with, to see that which they are lacking the objectivity to see so readily themselves. However, our observations must never be thrust upon others without their permission, only offered via invitation! This level of raw authentic sharing needs the sacred container of Loving Mutual Consent. And, for this type of deep, open, sharing to be Heart Based, it must be a two-way street. If we are Offering, we must open to Receiving.

It is true that we all have differing levels of clear sight, so some of us will be more skilled at seeing patterns than others, but this shouldn’t stop us from trying. If we try not, we learn not! Only pure intention is required, not perfection.

If we want to grow with the Heart as our navigational star, it is best to work together. Form relationships that allow for Sacred Containment and Deep Mutual Respect. Discuss and give each other permission to offer regular feedback on each other’s behaviours and words. Thus, fostering authentic connections for mutual growth, awakening, and embodiment of Love. Wisdom is more often found through sharing and discussion of our quiet reflections. Let us all cultivate safe spaces for this in our lives.

One final note….
If the path you are walking does not encourage you to live Heart-Based Values – perhaps you need to reconsider it. And if it is supporting or promoting harmful, selfish, or unloving behaviours and choices in life, then I suggest you seriously need to question it – asap!

With Clear Light
Azure Seer

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