On Love, Emotions and Initiation

A Deep Esoteric Dive into the Path to Soul Fusion!

In the Western world we as a culture tend to enshrine and worship the emotions as if they are Gods to which homage is required. The vivacious, bubbly people are often seen as the ideal to aspire to, even generating envy. And so we do not recognise the inherent damage the emotions can cause, nor how weakened and spiritually stunted they can make us if left unchecked!

Therefore all true spiritual paths teach Emotional Control.

The Nature of the Emotions

All of our emotions emanate from the Solar Plexus Centre, beneath the diaphragm. They are expressions of our lower selves and link directly to the illusory Astral Plane, and as such are illusory (or glamour producing) themselves.

The best symbol of the emotions is the waters, as our emotions are fluid and ever-changing – and also capable of eroding our foundations. Just like looking into a pool of water, whether it is clear or muddy, still or agitated, means whether we have even the possibility to clearly see beyond ourselves – to accurately see Reality or not!!

They are therefore the “rose coloured glasses” or “glass darkly” through which we all see. As our aura is an extension (or amalgamation) of our emotions, our emotional energy surrounds us at all times – completely! Therefore, it colours and distorts our perception of reality, of everything we see, according to its quality or state.

Love is Not an Emotion

One of the greatest inherent problems with unawakened people’s inability to see emotions for what they are, is that they confuse Love with their emotions. An understandable mistake, given we feel love and we feel emotion. And with so many distorted or confusing teachings available via the New Age (often based on personal observations of so-called reality, or communication with Unenlightened Inner Beings – and always seen through each teacher’s own aura, and hence qualified or distorted accordingly), is it any wonder we generally have no real idea of the science of the difference between Love and Emotion.

To put this in clear terms:
Emotions are generated from beneath the diaphragm, from within the non-sacred chakras – whereas Love (Actual Love) emanates from the Heart Centre, above the diaphragm, where the sacred chakras reside. Love and emotions are of an order of quality apart from one another.

What is Love?

The emotions encompass a great range of experiential expressions, from destructive to dull to beautiful, for example: rage to apathy to compassion.
Whereas Love (understood esoterically) is best described as Clear Cold Reason – or some prefer Clear Cool Reason, so as not to confuse the coldness of Love with coldness of mind, or being mentally cold, calculating or indifferent to the suffering of others!

Clear – because it is uncoloured by any emotion or thought that could qualify or change its purity in any way! Astral/Emotional substance completely and instantly reacts to all impulses and thoughts, constantly morphing and changing, and painting reality with reflections of each person’s desires and thinking. So for Love to be Love, it must be (and remain) untainted by any belief, agenda/intention or personal motive (the forces underlying our emotions), in order to be clear – therefore allowing one to see perfectly, all the influencing factors and facets of any and every situation.

Cold/Cool – because it is un-moved by any emotion (no matter how beautiful).
E-motion, the movement is in the name! And just like with passions, their very nature is to excite or stimulate into motion all energies they have contact with. As with all movement, this emotional excitation causes a warming effect – quite the opposite to actual Love. Love remains dispassionate, that is, unmoved, unchanged, undistorted by any passion!

In contrast, Love is Still, because of its coldness, bordering on icy. Nearly all movement has stopped. Think of water molecules slowing down, the slower they get, the colder the temperatures, as they get closer and closer to freezing – all fluid, changing, motion ceased.

Love is Detached so to be ever objective, and its actions are not a reaction to any thing.
So a person who is truly steeped in Love has a centre of stillness and is therefore immovable from their radiatory balance. They “keep their cool” at all times, as the saying goes, under all circumstances. Which means in truth, they stay Heart Centred.

Even compassion, it is right there in the name, com-passion (movement or agitation is present). As beautiful as compassion is, it is therefore still an emotion that causes an amount of distortion in our perception, perhaps a caring sentimentality and warm fuzziness in our sight that softens the Truth.

And yet paradoxically: Love is simultaneously still and dynamic in its expression. Like a vortex – still in its core and powerful in its actions! Cold, and yet the heat.
[* See Notes subheading below – Dictionary meanings for greater clarity]

Reason – a little trickier to explain.
The universe is held in balance by the Law of Karma and the Karmic/Lipika Lords (a type of vast cosmic Deva) who adjudicate and maintain the interweaving of the streams of Karma into the fabric of reality, as we experience it.

This Karmic Law is exact, and so for any given causality or action/inaction, there is a precise effect or consequence that is required to balance it. In this, true balance is synonymous with Love. The comprehension of this balancing and its execution is a manifestation of the Reason of the Heart, of Love – on a grand scale.

Think of it like this – in any particular moment, factoring in all that has come before (causalities of the past), and all that the Divine is planning for the future (the direction of evolution), there is an optimum or ideal plan/set of actions that will bring balance to the past causalities, while unfolding The Great Plan – this is the Reason of Love at work! It has reason, IS reason, and while beyond the consciousness of most of us humans, it is a type of Divine Logic – vast and abstract.

As you can see, Love, understood esoterically, is a very different concept to the trite emotional notions commonly considered love – which are usually expressions of positive emotions, and often mixed with sexual attraction and affection.

Love and Stillness

So to be an Agent of Love, an Emissary of the Heart, or to be truly aspiring to Heart Based (hence Love Based) Living, means to shift the seat of our consciousness from the warm colouring emotions, to the Clear Cold Reason and Still, Dispassionate Centre of the Heart – truly quite an accomplishment, and as such quite rare in our world!

A further paradox here becomes apparent:
Due to their objective, dispassionate, detachment; such an Emissary, such a Heart Based person, has withdrawn into the deep stillness where so few truly tread, and so is simultaneously alone and connected into the foundation and truth of existence – of Universal Love, that which connects all life. All beings exist there, but so few human units raise their awareness, deepen their consciousness beyond their emotions (and minds), and dwell therefore in Love. A great sadness to be sure!

The 1st and 2nd Initiations

To become steeped in True Love, we begin with Mastery of our physical self and environment, and passing therefore the 1st Initiation, (demonstrating the correct attitude and relationship to money, sex, material comforts, and spiritual lore in relation to the physical human laws) actually a relatively easy task.
But then, the real work begins…
To pass the 2nd Initiation we need to Master Our Emotions. Mastery in this context means, Controlled Expression of the emotions, not over-expression nor suppression.

Controlled Expression means that we are consciously choosing what emotions/emotional energies are okay to express, in what way, and how much. Some emotions are healthy to quietly express, others need to be transmuted.

Controlled Emotional Expression also means that we are beginning to consciously choose (with increasing awareness) what thoughts or thought streams lead to still, quiet, centredness emotionally; and which ones actually stir and agitate the emotions – leading to losing control and falling victim to the consequences of our own lack of wisdom!

Now we have touched on what emotional control is, let’s look at what it is not, and then a deeper exploration of what it is and how to achieve it.

Emotional Control:

  • Is not overly or overtly expressing emotionally – big, loud, raucous laughter, anger etc.
    All strong emotions weaken a person energetically (destroying their energetic integrity), drain their adrenals, deplete and exhaust their body’s energy and vitality levels, and set up patterns that cause a pendulum reaction to an equal and opposite emotion – before they have any chance of coming back to the centre, to balance.
    This energetic weakening, draining and pendulum action is actually one of the true reasons why humans become susceptible to or manifest diseases in their bodies. Such strong agitation/instability and weakness in the astral body must manifest into the physical, if not corrected at mental and emotional levels!
  • Is not allowing the emotions to control you and your behaviour (therefore being caught into any patterns of reaction), so you are at all times choosing your responses wisely, or have the possibility to do so. Spelled-out, this means being able to stop, let go, and choose differently and consciously in any moment.
  • Is not controlling the emotions to such a degree as you become monotone and expressionless – this is suppression! And is just as damaging as over-expression, for you are building a time bomb of great emotionally explosive force – over which you will likely have zero control when it goes off!

Let us now look more deeply at how emotional control affects us in day-to-day life, and how it serves us and others.

Our Line-of-Least-Resistance

When exciting/arousing/agitating circumstances or stimuli appear in our lives, it is easy (and usual) for our behavioural patterns to take control, and for us to unconsciously follow our line-of-least-resistance. All such behavioural patterns are products of our pasts.
They are absorbed or learned reactions based on everything we have been exposed to, aligned to, entertained, or lived through in this life – and also often our lives before this one.
They are each, if you like, a programmed/learned reaction to whatever is presenting. As they are learned, they are our history, and if we do not take conscious control of them, it means our Pasts are informing and creating our lives! Due to the flow of the stream of evolution, this means our limited selves are creating our futures. So unless we consciously engage with the emotions (and concrete mind), it is usually our easy, line-of-least-resistance habits that take charge, and we can get seriously stuck in a self-perpetuating loop of experience, reaction, re-experience and further reaction – on and on!

In fact this reaction cycle is so powerful, so controlling, and so difficult to break free of, we could go so far as to say, that until we have both emotional and mental control, we do not, cannot, truly have Free Will!
Mental control is the field of the 3rd initiation.

What is Free Will?

True Free Will by definition means that you are consciously freely choosing.
That you are, like the Clear quality of Love, seeing or knowing perfectly all the influencing factors and facets of your circumstances, and all possible outcomes from the choice being contemplated. For without such Clear far-reaching perceptions it is impossible to make a truly Conscious Free Choice!
It is possible to make a Free Choice, but without full awareness of the possible outcomes, it is not in truth a Fully Conscious choice.

To have Free Consciousness means your Conscious Awareness is Free from the confines of space and time, that is… able to move and perceive backwards and forwards through time as freely as it does through space.

On top of the necessity to have this array of clear perceptions, true Free Will still only exists when we are fully present in the moment, whilst in command of all our controlling and reactive patterns – therefore having the possibility of responding by choice.

The 3rd Initiation

When we as personalities achieve the state of having control, it is then also possible to hear our Souls guidance, via our Hearts.

But truly we must go beyond just listening to our Souls, for to actually achieve mental control (which affords emotional control), this requires surrender to Soul – Soul Control!

This surrender allows the passing/achievement of the 3rd Initiation and means you (the real you) has gained control over your entire personality (body, emotions, mind). It means that mind and Love have married and you have become deep, still, and quiet within your core – a Living Embodiment of Love, at-oned with The Kingdom of Souls.

This Initiation also allows us to then live fully aligned to The Great Plan of Divine Evolution, with its far-reaching vision of the future – as the Kingdom of Souls is truly Group Conscious, that is to say, Capital L, Love Conscious, and The Great Plan is founded in Love.

Future-to-Now and Purpose

So… to be in conscious control, to live with Free Will, also truly gives us the chance to live “Future-to-Now Reality Creation” – to be consciously creating our lives moment to moment in full alignment with the future vision of The Great Plan, instead of being just the products of our pasts, living and creating the same patterns ad infinitum, or with tiny steps forward through learning tough lessons that force us to change.

In this way, we can dwell in the cresting edge of creation, in conscious freedom, with our Future Selves guiding our lives – and thus truly live On Purpose, As Purpose itself!

For Clarity:
By “Purpose” I do not mean what it is that you as an individual feel you are on Earth to do. What your calling is. But instead I mean Purpose as The Great Divine Plan of Evolution and the part within it, you have to play. It is not your purpose or your plan, but your humble part to play within The Greater Plan.
One idea of Purpose is self-centric, the other is wholeness-centric!

If we are focused Future-to-Now, we have the best chance of seeing the end result and therefore avoid many pitfalls and deviations. One might say that this is also true when using the wisdom of the past, except…
The landscape within which we are living is constantly changing (faster and faster as time goes on and society speeds up or quickens) and so a pattern that might have worked 10 years ago, or even yesterday, may not work today or next week.

Attachment to The Past

We could also add, that it is true that some humans consciously expect things to remain the same. Others, by presuming what worked before will work again, actually set up a more implied truth* that also acts creatively to keep things as they were/are. [*See What are Sponsoring Thoughts? subheading below]

In both cases what is actually happening, is a creative force is being sent out into the world that is counter to the forward progression of evolution – which therefore works against it, slows or retards it, and all growth forward for those members of humanity is also slowed and retarded.

Black Magic – The Left Hand Path

Any force, energy, or pattern that tries to keep things as they are, colours the person as a degree of Black Magician! For this pattern is akin to Their practices. As society or the world continues to evolve or move forward, if you are trying to hold things as they are, if you stop in any way, it is the same as going backwards in relation to the world’s forward progression.

Therefore, you embody and enact the energies of Involution where there should be Evolution – and this is the way of the Left Hand Path, or practitioners of the Dark Arts.

With so many people stuck in reverie of what was, of continuously and unconsciously repeating the patterns of their pasts, of trying to force others to conform to their antiquated ideas (or should we say, outdated teachings of the past), is it any wonder forward motion and positive evolutionary change in our world is so slow!?

White Magic – The Right Hand Path

We can and should draw on the best knowledge, experiences, and Wisdom from our pasts (personal and collective) – but we must update it to the Now and we must draw on it consciously, in choice.

To live in This Way, with Controlled Still Emotions, Deep Quiet Mind, honouring the Soul Voice within our Hearts, creating from Future-to-Now, and therefore aligned to The Great Plan, we become magnetically radiant, a true source of Clear Cold Reason in our world – and this emanation can and does have a powerful uplifting effect everywhere we go, because we are then walking and living the White Dharma – the Right Hand Path of the White Magician!

To live in This Way frees us from suffering, from creating negative Karma, and makes us an influencer of the most positive kind, rather than an influencee being pushed, controlled and manipulated by all influences around us. We become Agents of Love. We become Beacons of Light and will be supported by the Bastions of The Great White Lodge – The Citadel of Enlightened Beings!

Now let us follow on with How to Achieve Emotional Control.

Emotions are the Barometer of our Mind

Firstly, it is most advantageous to have an accurate esoteric understanding of the emotions: what they are, are not, how they affect us, and their difference to Love – as just offered. Though perhaps we could add that they can also be seen as simply the effects of mental causes, in that astral substance is negative or receptive to mental energies being positive or dominant. The astral energies simply respond to, or clothe with feeling whatever is going on in our minds. For in truth, they have very little reality beyond this – essentially being illusory or creating illusory forms, due to their receptivity, constantly changing fluidity and impermanence.

Understanding the emotions as we now do, it therefore could be said – the emotions are the best barometer of what our minds are entertaining. And… the stronger our thoughts, the longer they are dwelt upon, or mentally indulged in shall we say – the stronger their inherent creative force and the more powerful creative effect they will have upon our emotional substance! The stronger or longer an emotion is present, therefore reveals the stronger, longer or deeper we’re thinking a particular way.

This is true for our conscious thoughts, but also true for our subconscious, unconscious, or sponsoring thoughts. All thoughts are creative by nature.

What are Sponsoring Thoughts?

Sponsoring thoughts are some of the most powerful yet least known thoughts we hold. They are those thoughts implied as true, underneath the conscious thoughts or beliefs we hold, those that must be true for us to actually take the actions we do.

For example:
If you choose to go to a doctor because you are sick, the very act of choosing to go, implies you are sick, the sponsoring thought is I am sick, even if your conscious intention is to heal or get better – and so your body further creates/manifests the reality I am sick. You would not choose to go, if you were not sick, so being sick becomes your causal sponsoring thought. By taking action in the physical plane whilst the sponsoring thought I am sick is present within you, you are most certainly giving it creative strength – and the sickness will endure, or release and recreate itself in another form.

You cannot take action built upon a particular thought, hoping it will then change the manifest reality of that thought – this is like a time travel paradox. If a particular thought (or manifest circumstance) is the causality that triggers you to take action, your actions imply it as true, confirming its reality, and thereby guarantees its ongoing existence. As a result, if any of these actions are to oppose it, they will instead only serve to reinforce it. For any action based/built on that thought cannot ever undo that thought. It is the seed of the tree whose wood you are using to try and crush the seed. The very act of acting upon it ensures both its classification as a causal thought, and its ongoing longevity.

Whereas if we operate throughout our life, from a space of affirming wellness, and taking the appropriate actions to perpetuate this, it implies conscious self-love – which creates more wellness, even if we choose to see a doctor.

One could say in the example above, that both acts of choosing to see a doctor are exactly the same and I am just thinking about them differently – and of course that is so. The difference IS just a thought. But due to the creative power of thought, this is always true, in all circumstances. The way we think about a situation changes the reality of it – completely!

Do Not Resist what you Don’t Want!

By extension, we should also never focus on getting rid of something, but instead on creating the positive opposite of the recognised and acknowledged problem. To focus on getting rid of a thing is to be in opposition to it, to resist it – and we know that what we resist, persists – is empowered! By creating instead the positive opposite we bring to balance two opposing poles, like balancing both sides of an equation or scales. Once this balance has been achieved, it forms into the likes of the timber rung on a ladder, which we can step upon to rise a little higher within.

A side note of interest:
The balancing of the pairs of opposites is one of the foundations of achieving true Heart Centred Power, awakening to Soul Consciousness and beyond – and is therefore an essential part of the journey to enlightenment.

A Greater Force for Change

There is though, a second reason we are exploring the creative power of our thoughts, and that is because we must control manifest paradigms from a higher state than the one it was created by, or exists within. We need to access or work from a higher more powerful creative force – from above-down. In the case of the emotions, that means working from the mind.

However, the most powerfully creative thoughts we have, unfortunately are not the ones we consciously hold throughout the day, they are in fact the unconscious, sponsoring, and subconscious thoughts that are ruminating or churning away almost constantly in the background of our minds. As they are being dwelt upon for such long periods of time, we are therefore giving them the most energy, so they end up having the strongest creative effect of all!

This is also true of all thoughts we take action on. For all action anchors a thought to the densest realms of manifestation, giving it far more permanence then if built in mental substance alone. A manifest reality is far more difficult to change than a thought – it requires far more energy.

Even so, simply put, if we change our mind, change what we’re thinking about, how we think about these things (and especially the background thoughts), we change the landscape we exist in. And then of course, our barometer, the emotions, change as well! By controlling our thoughts, we control our emotions – which then of course changes our physical reality.

Change the Source

To change a particular emotion, we identify the thought or thoughts that are generating it and correct them to Love-Wisdom based thoughts – and we can engage this process for each strong emotion we experience. However, usually we have many similar thoughts and similar emotions because we exist mentally within a particular set of Beliefs and Values – and these define the landscape or realm of possibilities for us. They define our potentials and limitations!

They say “be mindful of your thoughts”, but really, being mindful of the Beliefs and Values we absorb, is far more important. Take control of these, and your thoughts will take care of themselves! For are not our thoughts, mere manifestations of our Beliefs and Values!?

This knowledge now affords us a great opportunity!

For this reveals, that if we change our Values or Beliefs – the whole realm and paradigm of possibilities we experience must also change. How fantastic!

Except that… Core Beliefs and Values are very deeply woven into our identities, our narrative of Who (we think) We Are. We are very attached to them, and they are thought therefore, to be difficult to change.
But are they really? Hmmm

* Notes: Dictionary meanings of these words and prefixes

CompassionA feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it.
DispassionThe state or quality of being unemotional or emotionally uninvolved.
Detachment; objectivity.
PassionAny powerful or compelling emotion or feeling
Any strongly felt emotion.
A strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc.
Strong amorous feeling or desire; love.
ComA prefix meaning “with”, “together”, “in association”, and (with intense force) “completely”.
DisA prefix meaning “apart”, “asunder”, “away”, “utterly”, or having a privative, negative, or reversing force.

So literally, Compassion means, “together with compelling emotion or enthusiasm”.
And Dispassion, literally means, “utterly apart from compelling emotion or enthusiasm”.

This is so very revealing, is it not!?


As we know, we need far more compassion in the world… but if we also wish to awaken true Love and Enlightened Consciousness, then we need to cultivate Dispassionate Compassion through emotional mastery. Because whenever our emotions are active, we do not have the possibility of seeing with genuine clarity or objectivity – and without both of these, we cannot know with certainty, the best way to help alleviate the suffering of others, let alone our own! We need Dispassionate Compassion as a vessel for Capital L Love, and through this lens we have the greatest chance of becoming Heart Based Agents of Change, and creating a truly Heart Based Culture!

Still Clear Love

Azure Seer

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