emotional control

On Questions, Noise, and Knowledge

Without Conscious Questions, Information is Just Noise! There is little point or value in continuously exposing your mind to more and more thoughts and information, for without prepared space within you, it will either simply pass through you, not sticking at all, or it will lead to overwhelm and confusion. We need somewhere for the

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On Feeling Literacy and Resonance

Emotional Intelligence is not the same as Feeling Literacy We’ve possibly all heard of the concept of Emotional Intelligence, which refers to how aware and considerate we are of our own and other’s emotions, and sometimes includes our degree of emotional control. However, our emotions are but one of seven different and distinct levels or

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Gem – Do Not Work as a Dark Being!

Working from Below-Up Opposes Divine Law If you are trying to change your inner self, your psychology, your mind, and emotions, through using physical means like substances (plant or chemical), physical yogic practices, spiritual technology, and strong breathwork, etc… you are working from Below-Up, the way Dark Beings (DB) work! Light Beings (LB) always work

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On Mental Control

What is Mental Control or Controlling the Mind? Mental Control is choosing the topics you will entertain, contemplate, or think about, in any given moment. Controlling the Mind is choosing, akin to a mental in-breath, where you direct and maintain the focus of your tool – the mind. Gently but firmly holding it on the

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Seven Seed Thoughts on Clear Perception

True Perception Requires Clear Truth There are many factors to acquiring clear perceptions that enable the accurate seeing of Truth. There are also many factors that distort or outright block such perception. What follows are seven essential seed thoughts exploring these topics. It is my hope that these thoughts will help you clear away some

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