Gem – Do Not Work as a Dark Being!

Working from Below-Up Opposes Divine Law

If you are trying to change your inner self, your psychology, your mind, and emotions, through using physical means like substances (plant or chemical), physical yogic practices, spiritual technology, and strong breathwork, etc… you are working from Below-Up, the way Dark Beings (DB) work! Light Beings (LB) always work in alignment with Divine Law, and as such, work and create from Above-Down.

By extension… if you are working from Below-Up, using force-based manipulation from dense levels, the shoving around of effects rather than working with causes, or, in essence, the perversion of the natural flow of Divine Law, you Will attract many Low-Level Beings (LLB) to you, and rightly so. Working against Divine Law causes a very low vibration, and through the Law of Magnetic Attraction, you will draw in other people and inner plane beings also working darkly – as the DB do consciously and the LLB usually more unconsciously.

If you work against Divine Law, you are operating in alignment with, and as a DB yourself! Therefore, your homing beacon will be tuned to darkness or evil – Like Attracting Like. As a result, you will find the darker parts of your nature will become amplified or stronger within you, due to all the DB and LLB clustering around and energising you!

Therefore, if you wish to be aligned to the Divine and Divine Law, you must strive to work from Above-Down, guided by the Intuition or Voice of the Soul within the Heart, making the changes in your mind, that ripple down to changes at the dense level. If you change your inner nature, your outer world changes almost automatically. But for the most reliable results, the mental changes must be matched by consciously directing your desire in alignment with these changes, followed by appropriate action at the physical level. When the form and emotions are engaged it is important not to forget that the directing impulse must come from the mind, or better still, the mind in alignment with the heart.

Working Below-Up is Lazy

When you seek to make positive, divinely aligned change, you will inevitably need to work on control of your emotions and mind, for there will be many habits, patterns from past lives, limiting beliefs, and patterns of Karma that will need to be addressed before you will be able to achieve the life changes you seek. This is what we call “Self-Work”, and it is an essential part of conscious or spiritual life. Many people in the modern world seem far more inclined to try and avoid this deep work, as it is not at all comfortable, and rarely easy – if it were, we would all be enlightened already!

When you try to work by manipulating things at the physical level, or realm of effects, you are ostensibly seeking shortcuts, “hacks”, or ways to sidestep doing the work on your mind and emotions – this is an immature or childish approach to spirituality. It is steeped in entitlement, desire for a quick fix, and ignorance of the nature of the beings within the inner realms, of conscious creation, and especially of the Law of Magnetic Attraction.

If you do the work on controlling and mastering your mind, emotions, and form, you will slowly awaken to the inner realms and then the higher planes quite naturally and safely, and as you are working in alignment with Divine Law, you will have support from many LB! You will find yourself as one amongst many, who are striving to ground the Divine Plan on Earth, as opposed to working for those who seek to control and manipulate others.

To Wise Choice
Azure Seer

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