How to get The Most from Your Time Here

Be an Open Creature

When you come here, bring with you Beginner’s Mind – a genuine openness to all value, insights, and support you might receive. You may find some truths or ideas that are new to you, or perhaps angles of interpretation and ways of applying what you already know. Even if you are a Great Esoteric or Spiritual Scholar, let go, just for now, all you think you know, along with any attachments, emotional investments, or pride. Instead considering the power of conscious questions read and explore everything here with a Clear Question in mind.
Either the question underpinning the desire to start reading a particular post… Or…
If you do not have one, start with this, as an inner wordless state:

“What Truth can I gain here, that will allow me to resolve even more limiting patterns within me, and support me to take the next step forward on my path of Awakening to Divine Consciousness?”

Manage Your Triggers

As you read, no doubt, you will bump into principles and ideas that are either foreign to you and/or challenge your current circle of reality you could easily be triggered and your reactionary mental-emotions, and emotional-thinking will automatically start defending your current beliefs and reality. This is a common response. However, you can choose to silence this part of your psyche, and re-open to hearing what is said, with the intention to “evaluate it later.” At least this way, you will filter out less, and therefore, have more clear information with which to work.

Instead, strive to read from a place of Stillness and Detachment, a place of genuine curiosity, like a child or beginner.

If a subject triggers you, I would also suggest searching for all I have previously written about it to round out all the reasoning underlying the ideas.

Check Your Resonance

All I write is truth as far as I have discerned it, I make no claims that it is The Truth. It is always best that you evaluate all you encounter in the world, including these writings, within the stillness of your Heart, and then decide what is true and useful to you.

One word of warning on this…
Many speak about things “resonating” with them, or that it “resonates as true”. I would ask this question: What within you, exactly and precisely, is anything you are evaluating, resonating with?
It might be your Soul via your Heart, but it could just as easily be in resonance with your fleeting emotions, a dominant limiting pattern buried within your subconscious, or even the un-mastered parts of you that are still in alignment with Darkness or Ignorance!

To your clear elucidation
Azure Seer

For much more on the topic of Resonance, have a look at this Article: Emotional Resonance Verses Mental Alignment.

For a deeper dive into how best to engage with everything here… see my original post: How to Engage with this Blog.

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