Emotional Resonance Verses Mental Alignment

What is in Alignment when you say, “That resonates with me”?

“I am feeling resonance, I am feeling drawn.” We choose so much by our feelings. Why not from the clarity of our mind?

“Feelings” for most folk are their emotions, sometimes mixed with their (primal) instincts, and occasionally, a degree of Love in the mix. So, when they say, “That resonates with me,” or “I am feeling resonance,” what within them is this idea actually resonating with? Some habitual emotional pattern within themselves?

All emotions are a transitory manifestation, a limited reflection of what is happening within the mind. So, why would you use a passing feeling state to co-measure a choice? Why not go directly to the clearer source within you – the pristine creative intelligence of your mind – and therefore, use mental resonance instead of emotional resonance? Of course, if one is sufficiently Self-Mastered, is an embodied expression of their Awakened Heart, and has built the Antahkarana to their Soul; they can fully access Love and Intuition – two of the Higher Feeling states. Then the Science of Resonance or Alignment can be used far more accurately. But until that advanced stage is achieved, consider Mental over Emotional Resonance.

It is said that “the mind is an organ of sight,” so, consider clear sight over your fickle fluctuating feelings. Look for clarity of alignment with the Highest Aspect of Self you have access to, and the highest valves you hold, rather than resonance with the ever-changing feelings of your incarnate Personality Self.

Tools for Transformation

1. One of the easiest ways to access the Highest part of yourself is to let go of Self-Focus and shift your point of reference to Universal-Focus. Whenever we focus on ourselves, we are, by definition, temporarily embodying separatism, and therefore, aligning with our Lower Individual Self. Of course, it is essential that we do Self-Work as part of the journey to Self-Mastery – but we must do so while simultaneously avoiding excessive Self-Focus! The keyword here is “excessive.” We focus on a problem or area that has revealed it needs work, we take steps to resolve it, and then shift our focus back to our Service Work as soon as we can. I will explore the value of Universal Focus in the next section.

2. Instead of asking if the choice, idea, or direction before you “resonates with you” – ask if it is in Alignment with The Plan of Love and Light. Open to “see” if it will genuinely benefit All Life for you to follow this path, if it is in harmony with the “Greatest Good For All.” In this way, you may be enabled to choose something that does not necessarily resonate with your Lower Self but is truly needed for the Earth as a whole, and hence, is in resonance with your Higher Self – despite any personal discomfort you may be feeling!

The Kingdom of Souls embodies Universal Oneness

This type of mental approach aligns you with your Higher Self because all Souls work as one integrated connected whole – with no separated sense of self like we experience as incarnate Human Beings. The Kingdom of Souls exists as one, within the Subplanes we call the Abstract Mental level, which is why focusing through the abstract lens of the mind opens the way to the Higher Self.

To consciously communicate with the Soul requires stilling and mastery of the feelings and the cultivation of quiet mental surrender, whilst opening to the Clear Cold Reason that is Divine Love.
It is the Kingdom of Souls incarnate as Humanity (the Planetary Throat Centre) and Hierarchy of Love and Light (the Planetary Heart Centre) that carry out the Divine Plan from Shamballa (the Planetary Head Centre). Hence, the profound value of Mental Alignment rather than “Feeling Resonance” in one’s emotions.

Growth Discomfort is Usually Registered in our Feelings

One way our feeling dominance plays out is through the common pattern of rejecting anything that “doesn’t feel good.” If we decide something does not feel comfortable, or feels bad, we generally decide to avoid it thereafter, despite if it is actually good for us.

Let’s say we do something we believe is good for our growth and development, but the limiting patterns within us get triggered and we have a bad experience with this new thing. A common thought reaction is: “This doesn’t feel good; therefore, I won’t do it again!” However, many things that are new to us will create discomfort initially as they clash against our “comfort bubble,” any limiting beliefs or trauma we harbour, our well-worn habit paths, and even possibly against the original thoughts that caused us to try the new thing in the first place.  Change is often uncomfortable – sometimes wildly so!

Should we use Discomfort as a Compass?

Should we allow our emotions to dominate our decision-making process? Should we allow temporary discomfort to decide for us? No, we should most definitely acknowledge how we are feeling, but we must discern carefully between passing discomfort and inner warnings – for they are worlds apart – despite them both often being “felt.”

It is always wise to be aware of what any current feeling states are resonating with or clashing against. And to then use the Clear Light of the Abstract Mind and Universal Love to discern the best way forward.

I hope this Article “resonates” for you. Lol.
And that it can help guide you to better and wiser decision-making.

Heart Wisdom Resonance
Azure seer

For a much deeper dive into the Art of Resonance and Feeling Literacy, see my Article: On Feeling Literacy and Resonance

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