Month: March 2020

On Living with Heart

Do You Live Wholeheartedly? “We can’t do this life thing halfheartedly. There’s no time off. There aren’t even weekends.”¹ Every moment is a moment of your life. You are never in practice – This Is It! There’s no time to prepare.Therefore every choice you make has power. Will you make your choices, and therefore live …

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Question – Making Life Even Better

Q: How can life get even better? This question is a triple treat!Firstly, it opens the consciousness to willingly seek change. And conscious openness to change makes it so much smoother and far less turbulent. This type of openness is like oiling a hinge so it moves better. Secondly it uses the amplifier word “even” …

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Quote – The Power of our Mental Attitude

“If our predominant mental attitude is one of power, courage, kindliness, and sympathy, we shall find that our environment will reflect conditions in correspondence with these thoughts; if it is weak, critical, envious and destructive, we shall find our environment reflecting conditions corresponding to these thoughts.” ~ Charles F. Haanel 1866-1949, New Thought Author

It may be the 20’s, but don’t get in a Flap!

Some History – or more so “Her-story” The “Flappers” were a movement of young Western Women during the 1920’s. They were known not only for their unique, now famous, dance style – but they were also social rebels! They flaunted their disdain for so-called acceptable behaviour. They wore “too much” makeup, treated sex in a …

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Gem Category Image in Lime

Gem – Humans Have Become Locusts!

Here’s a Heart Based Wake Up Call! It seems that humans often do not seriously embrace change until frightened with death… so here is a death knell to hopefully wake you from your apathetic slumber! Humans have become like a proverbial locust plague: unconsciously breeding, spreading, consuming, destroying; breeding more, spreading more, consuming more, destroying …

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