Gem – Belief Does Not Equal Truth

Belief is the Lower Projecting onto the Higher Just because you believe something, doesn’t make it true! Yes, your belief will dramatically impact your experience of Truth and Reality, but Belief, even backed by self-created experiences, does not equal Truth! Even if what you believe has been believed by a lineage of teachers and thousands […]

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Gem – On Separatism and the Dark Elite

Separatism is Often Disguised Historically, Greek businesses have given job preferences to Greek family members, Religious Schools contracted teachers of the same Religion, Jews chose to employ and do business with other Jews, Asians preferenced other Asians, and Men chose to work with other Men, believing women as inferior, etc. In recent years we can

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Gem – On Old-World ‘Spirituality’

We Are Supposed to Keep Evolving, Not Languish in The Past. In my meditations, I am repeatedly seeing that many so-called spiritual ideas, concepts, substances, and practices are being brought forth and flooding the modern Western World under the influence of the outgoing Piscean 6th Ray and the incoming Aquarian 7th Ray. The embracing of

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Gem – Authenticity and Embodiment in Relationships

We must be clear on what we Seek and what we Live and Embody. People cannot give what they do not have! In terms of relationships, it is important to remember what this means. Authenticity and embodiment are essential in a Heart-Based Relationship. Not everybody wants a monogamous relationship with a deep physical, emotional, AND

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Gem – Interdependence verses Separatism

Personal Strength Verses Collective Strength “I don’t need anything from anybody.” “I need nothing from nobody.” “I am a strong independent…woman, man, person.” “I don’t want to depend on anyone for anything.” “I am at my best when I go it alone.” These are not only statements which are utterly untrue, they are made exclusively

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