Gem – Release and Embrace in Evolution

Release Must Be Coupled with Embrace

If we wish to consciously navigate our growth and evolution, we cannot just, or only, focus on releasing layers of lower identity, we must simultaneously focus on aligning with and embracing our true identity or higher self.

If we only focus on releasing the limitations without cultivating conscious connection with our greater self, we eventually become unstable, broken, and dysfunctional shells of ourselves. We become an empty cup with nothing to give, and a vessel that can be filled with anything from outside ourselves.

To avoid such a terrible and darkened future, we must connect Upwards-Within. By cultivating alignment with, and eventual embodiment of our higher self, we open our conscious awareness to the greatest energy of Joy a human is capable of experiencing, and this is how we become a Light in the World.

If we only focus on clearing out our darkness or shadows, but do not focus in equal or greater measure upon cultivating our Light or Luminous Self, this is a practice of fixation upon darkness, and as such, we Will empower it by focusing on it – energy follows focus. We must see and acknowledge our limitations, for we cannot heal or master that which we do not see and address, but we must carefully manage our focus, lest we foolishly empower our lower self identity!

We Must Tune our Release by our Embrace!

As with our lower and higher selves, we cannot only focus on releasing vices or limiting patterns, we must simultaneously cultivate virtues and empowering patterns.

If we do not wish to simply go round in circles, never progressing, we must ensure our focus is mostly upon the cultivating of whatever higher-vibrational virtues we are capable of cognising, reaching for, and opening to – as this is the force that pulls us forward in life, aligned to the Heart, Love-Wisdom, and Divine Evolution.

It is precisely by the action and work of Aspiration that we tune our release, as the higher energies we contact reveal and draw forth all within ourselves that is in the way of the higher energies and reality from grounding within us. It is the Light that reveals the Darkness that we must focus on and embrace.

Thus, the specific higher-vibrational virtues we aspire to, strive to give to the world, and that we embody and radiate, are what tunes what we attract to us. It is precisely our selfless giving which qualifies what we will receive. What we give attunes and aligns us to what we will receive.

The Bad and Good Consequences

Every choice to do or not to do comes with its own matching consequences. If we know this, if we are at the stage of evolution where we see this working at all levels, we can consciously embrace this Divine Law and work in alignment with it.

Let’s unpack how such consequences relate to our topic of release and embrace…

  • If we do not release our limiting vices, we will forever be a victim of the worst of ourselves, and as like attracts like, we will perpetually draw to ourselves others, both incarnate and within the inner realms, of similar low vibration – thus ensuring our poor habits are reinforced rather than released – and such strong patterns can carry forward for lifetimes!
  • If we do focus on releasing our vices, but do not cultivate virtues to replace them, as nature abhors a vacuum, IT will fill the space made within us, and specifically with energies and patterns aligned to what we have been focused on – our limiting vices!
  • If we do focus on cultivating virtues, but do not attend to our embodied limiting patterns, we set up stronger and stronger conflicting realities, beliefs, or discordant harmonics, and this will greatly increase our suffering, as we are pulled in two directions or torn in two!
  • If we do focus on cultivating higher virtues, this becomes the precise keynote of what we will attract – our aspiration ensures alignment to and a drawing in of higher-vibrational people and inner plane beings, and thus, our virtue cultivation will be supported and empowered. Such focus on conscious evolution also carries forward for lifetimes.

Clearly, our greatest chance of conscious growth and evolution, lies in “Releasing vices and layers of lower identity, while simultaneously focusing on aligning with, embracing, embodying, and giving freely of, the genuine virtues of our true identity or Higher Self.”

Simultaneous Lower Releasing and Higher Embracing is the magic recipe for Conscious Evolution!

Let us all master our growth with the wisdom of true balance.
Azure Seer

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