July 2020

Gem – Mindfulness… What Next?

Some Reflections on “Advanced” Consciousness What is the goal of mindfulness? What is it you hope to achieve? Let’s say you’ve gotten there… then what? You’ve sat for 25 minutes, and no thoughts, feelings or sensations have pulled your attention away. You now feel centred and at peace. You open your eyes… Now what? What’s […]

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How Mindful Are You?

When not sitting still “practising” Mindfulness, how mindful are you? Is your awareness present in what your body is doing?Is your awareness present in your task or activity? Are you consciously and mindfully creating your activity?Are you aware of the likely effects of the actions you are taking? Both how your current actions will affect

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Gem – Mindfulness verses Spiritual Alchemy

Mindfulness is about Awareness, Spiritual Alchemy is about Transmutation Mindfulness is mastery of your relationship to your thoughts. Spiritual Alchemy is mastery of the content of those thoughts. (One small aspect of Spiritual Alchemy) The mind is our focusing tool of creation. Its usefulness is directly proportionate to our relationship to it, in small part;

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My Journey – The Path of Truth, Criticism and Confidence

The Awakening of Truth is a direct reflection of the Collective Consciousness I am aware that I rarely share these blog posts to my personal Facebook Wall, or even in spiritual groups – because I feel a deep hesitation.Being aware of this, I did some deep inner explorations… And these questions arose: Is it because

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Gem – Material verses Spiritual Focus

Your Focus truly does reveal your reality! Materialism is the exaltation of matter. Spiritualism is the exaltation of spirit. To be spiritual, is to seek spirit, or the consciousness of the Spirit – the highest point of the Spiritual Triad. The materialist however, is anyone who exalts Matter, who identifies with it, or who desires

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On Seeking Peace and Inner Stillness

Creating a Powerful Inner Ally – through conscious programming of the subconscious mind What follows are contemplations about the nature of the chatty conscious mind, and exploring the idea of engaging the subconscious as an ally in the pursuit of quietening this mind. The processes outlined in the Tools for Transformation section can be applied

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