My Journey – The Path of Truth, Criticism and Confidence

The Awakening of Truth is a direct reflection of the Collective Consciousness

I am aware that I rarely share these blog posts to my personal Facebook Wall, or even in spiritual groups – because I feel a deep hesitation.
Being aware of this, I did some deep inner explorations… And these questions arose:

  • Is it because Social Media is “not the place” to have deep and meaningful epistemological discussions, as I have been told? Why not? Are people choosing to let go of decency and wise self-control, are they tossing honesty, reflection and authenticity to the wind when interacting in this forum? Why? Because this is all that is needed for meaningful interaction.
  • Are they just choosing to be flippant and emotionally reactive; embracing separative combativeness – rather than genuine inquiry, curiosity and cooperative exploration of what is really true? Why?
  • Is it because of this pattern by some, that I feel reluctant to share my posts? Even though I have been repeatedly told that my voice and words have great value in the realms self-inquiry, exploration of reality, awakening and self-mastery.
  • Is it because people have a tendency to aggressive reactions, judgement and criticism; and not holding themselves above the petty behaviours of dismissiveness and name-calling when they disagree or do not “like” what they are seeing or reading?
  • Or perhaps it is because some people feel so disempowered or vulnerable in their own lives and selves that they feel they personally need to “correct”, judge and attack any point of view that differs from their own – despite the fact that our understanding of things is constantly growing, and constantly changing?
Let us compare these reactions against the Path of Truth Awakening

We know from history that all new truths tend to follow a similar path or scrutinising through time.
“First, they are ridiculed. Second, they are violently opposed. Third, they are accepted as self-evident.”¹
This expression has evolved over the last 200 years, morphing through many variations, spoken by many different folk, but all pointing to the same essential pattern.

When confronted with an idea that challenges the paradigm or core beliefs of many people, they will at first reject it with ridicule, ignorance and denial. If those who are exploring the new perspective continue to share their beliefs, then those ignorant deniers will argue, attack and try to repress the new perspective. Then lastly, if the new perspective is discovered, proven or finally seen as Truth, those same deniers will accept and celebrate this Truth as if it were always true – that it is self-evident. Despite their extensive closed minded efforts to block and censor the people who first saw and fought for this Truth. They try to disempower retrospectively the original visionaries, rather than acknowledge their own ignorance and take responsibility for their violence! They are essentially the living embodiment of cognitive dissonance.

Is it any wonder therefore that true paradigm-shifting change is so very slow for humankind?!

The Way Forward?

How, in the light of this obstinate resistance to changing our beliefs and understanding, can we cultivate a far more expansive curiosity and openness to ask uncomfortable or difficult questions – to risk our “precious attachments” to the familiar – and dare to explore outside our comfort-filtered versions of reality?

What will it take for us to honestly and openly consider possibilities that sit completely outside our current worldview?

When will people let go of violent opposition to ideas and discussion, so that those of us who see a different paradigm, can explore and share our visions without fear of aggressive criticism and attack?

When will people start listening to their Hearts, instead of silencing them with so-called intellectual prowess? Sure the mind is mighty, but without Love it becomes cold and calculating, it aberrates and turns dark – leaving Wisdom far from its reach!

The Heart and the Mind must work together! Meaning we must modify our thoughts and thinking with Heart Based Values.

Clever alone, does not Enlightenment make!

My final contemplation and self-inquiry

Q: Do I not share my Blog Posts solely because I am concerned about “retribution”?
Am I still fearful of the opinions of others?
Or is it because in some way I do not believe in my own words?
What do I truly feel about my writing?

A: I feel my words are Beautiful and powerfully liberating – but could be challenging for some people.
I feel they come from Love – even though they can be fiery.
I feel they can truly help someone grow beyond their limitations!
And yes I do have a little fear of being attacked by strongly opinionated people, which is clearly a direct reflection of some remaining self-doubt.

Tools for Transformation

My writing is a gift to you from my Heart – it is an expression of benevolent service, it is how I share my Light. What about you?

Ask yourself:
What is the unique beauty within me?
That which the world is waiting for me to share?
Am I sharing the gifts of my Divine Self?
Am I still fearful of the opinions of others?
Do I believe in myself?
What do I truly feel about my unique inner beauty?

Seeking the answers to these questions will go a long way to helping you step into and embody the you we all so desperately need in the world. Because no one can be you like you can – and none but you can bring your unique gifts to the world!

So own your Brilliance, and Shine!!

Boldly Shining

Azure Seer

1. This “Quote” seems to have appeared in the collective consciousness, going through many stages of its own growth and evolution, and does not originate from the exact words of a singular individual.
Here are just some examples from History (many paraphrased, and sometimes the attribution is not certain):

1819First, it is disparaged as trivial; Second, it is condemned as paradoxical; Third, it is celebrated. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
1862First, that is not true; Second, that is contrary to Religion; Third, everyone knew it before. ~ William Boyd Dawkins
1913First, it appears laughable; Second, it is fought against; Third, it is considered self-evident. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
1917First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is subject to argument; Third, it is accepted. ~ Earl B. Morgan
1918First, they ignore you; Second, they ridicule you; Third, they attack and want to burn you; Fourth, they want to build monuments to you. ~ Nicholas Klein
1921First, the stage of ridicule; Second, it is met with repression; Third, it commands respect. ~ Ghandi
1987First, they ignore you; Second, they ridicule you; Third, they emulate you. ~ J. William Grimes
1991First, they ignore you; Second, they say you’re mad; Third, they say you’re dangerous; Fourth, there is pause; Fifth, they can’t find anyone who disagrees with you. ~ Tony Benn
2020First, they are ridiculed. Second, they are violently opposed. Third, they are accepted as self-evident. ~ Many People

For a detailed exploration, see the source I drew from:

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