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Hello and welcome to Authentic Blaze.

My name is Jocah Le Fey – or otherwise known in this blog as Azure Seer.
Let me share some of my story…

I grew up like many in Australia… in a blue-collar footy family in what was then a small regional town. In my case, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.

Our family had no religion that was followed, nor any form of spirituality at all. We were plain. No university educations, musical or artistic prevalence (except that mum had a strong creative side). No going to theatre, no distant travel – nationally or internationally – so absolutely no involvement in any culture, other than footy and booze (if you’d call that “culture”)!
My dad was an AFL juniors coach and heavy drinker who liked to go fishing and hunting, so this set the tone of our home environment.

Thankfully for me, we lived in the Tropics, and so we also went to swim in forest creeks – Nature became my culture.

In this bleak home environment was me!
I was an exceedingly bright, shiny, and very smart young creature, apparently with an IQ well above the norm – and always inspired and creative, with a deep curiosity for how everything worked.
With my intellect frequently under-utilised and under-stimulated, I got bored easily at home. That, combined with the booze-fuelled violence, eventually got young me thinking (paraphrased in adult speak) “there must be more… there must be another way to live”.

Somehow in amongst this questioning I saw all the suffering in the world, and it came to me to try and help free everyone from it.
So I did what I now know to be a ritual, and tried to “take on all the pain and suffering from all the people in the world, so they could live lives of peace and joy”! Empowering this intention and sending it out into the world, with all the might and power a 17 year old has! So let it be.
Wow. Or is it Woah…

The fact of how unlikely was this occurrence in my life, considering my age and the environment I was growing up in, would not become apparent to me for nearly 2 decades.

Shortly after this seeing and ritual, I somehow found meditation and spirituality. And then my life began to really change!

I moved away to study, but came back after a year; giving up the rest of my course so one of my sisters could be sent to Uni. And by the age of 19 was running Guided Meditation classes.

It was during these years I began to look at, question and change most everything I had been taught about how to live – I found and adopted my own lifestyle ethics.

  • I had tried alcohol properly once (my dad got me drunk on my 18th birthday), and my body said no. So that was that for drinking.

  • I tried smoking once, got caught, and the consequences made me never return to that.

  • I gave up meat, as I couldn’t reconcile killing animals. Later at 21 this went deeper and I became fully Vegan.

  • I never did try Any type of drug, chemical or natural, recreational or so-called spiritual… and this has remained as such. Though I have had opportunity to “see” others use various types, and therefore witness what was happening within them energetically – more on this sight later.

  • I discovered that my “liking boys more than girls” was a thing, and that it had a name. This was a bit of a shock, because at that time it was still completely illegal to have gay sex… not to mention the violence still happening in society. I had friends that were nearly driven over as an intentional act of violence. It was a scary time to discover I was different!

During the same teenage years, I started offering clairvoyant readings, utilising psychometry as my doorway within. But again it would be many years before I discovered, to my shock, that not everybody saw as I saw!! Even now I sometimes forget, and so in conversation I can find myself speaking of things others have absolutely no frame of reference for. Or sometimes I bump into people with psychic vision, which it turns out I do not have… I have a level of spiritual sight, that extends beyond the subplanes of the astral. Due to psychic vision originating in the astral plane, there is much glamour, distortion and inherent inaccuracy with it. This is just its nature.
Spiritual sight is more a tool of self-mastery, and has little to do with readings for the personality.

Moving on to when I turned 21…
Not too long after this, having never even gone for a holiday there… I moved to Sydney, in search of a Spiritual Teacher – I had outgrown all I could find in Cairns, and was stagnating. So a bold step was required!

I found what I was looking for.

During the next 28 years, I learned esoteric science, or the Ageless Wisdom Tradition, as it is also called.
Throughout these years I studied and left the school I found, then returned and studied more… before finally leaving the school – but never the path.
I honed my awareness, became profoundly skilled in Esoteric Alchemy and Energetic Hygiene… mostly due to meeting and working with Devas through the use of my inner senses.

I discovered that all the sensitivity I have (that makes mainstream daily life so very hard for me at times), happens to equip me extremely well for this deep spiritual work! I found where my skills belong. However it has only been in the last 12 months (2019) that it has become fully clear that I am being called to write! That my life purpose (which I have known for well over 20 years) could be interpreted in this way. Lol

My purpose:
“Creating beautiful spaces that inspire people spiritually.”
I use to believe this was best served through “Devic Feng Shui”… or utilising my perceptions to help bring spaces (living or working) into harmony with the Devas of the space, the human inhabitants, with smooth efficiency, and in alignment with the harmonious flow of beauty.
But now I also interpret spaces as “spaces in consciousness”… And have therefore expanded my lived purpose, to include helping to create Heart Based Culture – and this requires spaces for the alchemical change of consciousness!

— oOo —

So here I am writing… sharing all I perceive and have learned, hopefully in a way that will help people liberate themselves from suffering, as they walk their path of awakening.

Let me now continue by sharing a little about the nature of what I am offering from Me to You… for building rapport through connection is essential if we want to achieve clear communication, in our interconnected, interdependent world.

Me and You:
Some try to build rapport through showing they are “just like you”… or were. The only real difference being they have gone through profound change. Therefore demonstrating that you too can tread their journey to success and fulfilment.

I would love to offer you the same shared space, but as you have just read from my life journey… the truth is I cannot. Therefore to do so, would be inauthentic!

I have all my life experienced myself as Other. I have never really fit in anywhere. This I felt within, but it was also thrust upon me everywhere I turned, right from 21 months old and onwards. I may have shared this in common with a person, but I was too that for them. Shared this other thing with another, but again too that for them. On and on. Too bold. Too honest. Too smart. Too bright. Too deep. Too clever. Too gay. Too colourful. Too fast. Too feminine. Too inspired. Too pure. Too spiritual. Too much!
All of my greatest qualities were judged and repeatedly thrown back at me as criticisms and reasons I could not belong, or should be avoided! And this continues to happen, even today.

However, I believe none of my qualities or experiences are in and of themselves truly remarkable or ultimately unique… but the combination seems to set me aside, and into the category of “other”.

I have come to learn, there is different, and then there is truly different! When a person is so far removed from the norm, in nature, values and life choices, then we simply cannot say – we are the same – for we are not! At least not at this personality level. But despite people identifying with this level of self, as Self… in realms of Soul or Spirit I am certain we are all made of the same star stuff. But here at the dense material level, it is likely the differences between us are stark… at least for many of you.

However… Because at this level of life, we are all made of collections of qualities and experiences, and because at our core we are truly one… I am sure you will be able to connect with some part of my story, feel common ground; and draw from this, value for your own journey. I see you!

From my position of other, from being an outsider, I have a vantage point not available to those around you with whom you share much common ground. We are all emotionally invested in the shared experiences, beliefs and values that bond us to those we care about – which means in these relationships, true objectivity is as unlikely as to make it near impossible.
Therefore, as I am far less invested in your world and life, I can see with much more objectivity – as can any true other. And from this place – great love and insight may be offered from me to you!

However we are all being human, so a part of our journey we may share… especially into the future.
A portion of this shared journey – and which has great value when shared consciously – is the journey from Darkness to Light, from Ignorance to Awakening. For we are all somewhere on this journey – it is part of the human condition.

Many of us can relate to feeling (at times) our truly luminous selves, but for various reasons we choose to censor and dim the expression of them.
And it is here that I may be able to play a small part in your life story.
Perhaps I can help you take a step or two from darkened fear into your luminous Authentic Blaze!

Shine On Lovers, Shine On!


PS: To reveal a more rounded vision of who I am…
Here’s a short list of some of My Greatest Loves (in no particular order):

Clear communication
Radical authenticity
Radical honesty
Great art
Creating Mandalas
The natural world
Healthy house plants
Brain science
Veganic farming, Syntropic farming, and Vegan Permaculture
Design – products, systems, villages, buildings, interiors, etc…
Exploring concepts and abstract ideas
Well-managed meetings – collectively creating a pool of creativity
Large rocks, and especially if near crystal clear water!

“Let the Clear Cold Reason of the Heart Prevail!”

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