Gem – Do Not Identify With Illusion!

Identifying with or as a Reflection of the Real, is the same as Aligning to the Path of Darkness. Everything that exists in the physical realm is the manifest appearance of some previous causality, it is all simply effects – hence illusory. The forms are all echoes in matter, from the focused thoughts, or creative …

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Quote – Humans are Fields of Energy

“In an ocean of devic substance, human beings are the magnetic fields projected from the Kingdom of Souls, creating the temporary coherencies we call “people”. Verily, we are the Principles, behind the Fields, behind the Forms!” ~ Jocah Le Fey, Spiritual Writer, Alchemist and Artist

Quote – Selfless Love Opens the Way

“As your love for humanity increases and your interest in yourself decreases, so will you move towards that center of light and love where the Masters stand in spiritual being.” ~ Alice A. Bailey, 1880-1949, Theosophist and Author on Esoteric Spirituality

Should We Always Illumine The Darkness?

An exploration of the responsibilities of all spiritually aware, Heart Based Beings. Especially of the “Lumineers”; those esoterically trained in “Divine Alchemy – wielding light in service of all beings”. Questions: What should we do when we witness Evil or Darkness? Is it ever correct to Not remove or clear the Malevolent or Dark Energies? …

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Question – Embodying Oneness Over Separatism

Q: Where is the outer edge of my being? This question is one which directs our awareness both within, and yet strangely, without. Its purpose is one of direct investigation into the contracted or expansive nature of what we call a “self”. In this case the question invites us to turn within, and then, starting …

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