Gem – Interdependence verses Separatism

Personal Strength Verses Collective Strength “I don’t need anything from anybody.” “I need nothing from nobody.” “I am a strong independent…woman, man, person.” “I don’t want to depend on anyone for anything.” “I am at my best when I go it alone.” These are not only statements which are utterly untrue, they are made exclusively […]

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Gem – Is Procreation Your Best Offering?

The product of a relationship doesn’t have to be children  It is no great accomplishment to create dense physical bodies that simply add to the burden on earth’s natural resources. In fact, any unconscious person can generally achieve this level of creation! Perhaps therefore, you could consider Aiming Higher. Perhaps the product of your union

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Gem – Remarkable Beings

Are you Playing Small, or are you a Remarkable Being? A Remarkable Being is one who stands out from the crowd by virtue of their complete embracing of their full powered selves – which they shine forth authentically, without censorship or dilution. A Remarkable Being Stands True, embodying their Wisdom in bold and visible ways.

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