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The Limits of Mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness? The most common version of Mindfulness Practice is Stillness Mindfulness, which is sitting still and releasing awareness of all that is going on in one’s life, surroundings, thoughts, emotions, and body. To sit still and hold one’s attention on a singular point of focus like a candle flame or the breath moving […]

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Gem – Belief Does Not Equal Truth

Belief is the Lower Projecting onto the Higher Just because you believe something, doesn’t make it true! Yes, your belief will dramatically impact your experience of Truth and Reality, but Belief, even backed by self-created experiences, does not equal Truth! Even if what you believe has been believed by a lineage of teachers and thousands

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On Cultivating Joy

What is the Nature of Joy? Joy is life, aligned to the Heart, living focused within the True Now. Joy is collective – it never exists in separation or separativeness. Joy is serving All – which includes the self. Joy is not an emotion or passing phenomena, but a perpetual state that can be accessed

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Gem – The Essential Need for Heart Awakening

Without an Awakened Heart and Living Embodiment of its qualities, the further one develops, the greater their risk of falling into the Dark Path. As one masters their incarnate vehicle; their body, emotions, and mind; their sensory appetites, feelings and desires, and thought life respectively; and, at the same time, they awaken their Heart –

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Gem – Focus Determines Vibration and Energy

Our Focus Determines the Quality of Our Awareness Our Focus will determine not just the size of our Minds, but also the quality of our Awareness and Level of Vibration and Energy! We have all heard the expression: “Small minds speak about People, Average minds speak about Events, Great minds speak about Ideas.” But did

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Technology, Psychic Powers and Spiritual Growth

Changing Brainwaves at Will is Not “Spiritual”! Changing your brain waves at will is no more “spiritual” than is consciously controlling the rate of your breathing, or the speed with which you walk on a pavement! Being able to impact the rhythms or way our body moves, is one of the most rudimentary skills of

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