Gem – The Essential Need for Heart Awakening

Without an Awakened Heart and Living Embodiment of its qualities, the further one develops, the greater their risk of falling into the Dark Path.

As one masters their incarnate vehicle; their body, emotions, and mind; their sensory appetites, feelings and desires, and thought life respectively; and, at the same time, they awaken their Heart – that is, come to embody clear love, selflessness, harmlessness, inclusive universality, benevolence, dispassionate compassion, aspiration, higher group consciousness, and wisdom – they are drawn ever deeper into the mysteries of the White Lodge and will have higher and vaster esoteric (veiled) teachings revealed to them. Their ability to see the ways to express Love in Action become ever clearer.

If one achieves mastery of the vehicle without awakening and embodying the Heart and Love-Wisdom, they rapidly succumb to the wiles of the Dark Ones – they become unwitting pawns of the Black Lodge and Evil on Earth! They become swept into separative desire for wealth, power, and material possessions. Greed and Selfishness, sometimes disguised under sentiments of healing, philanthropy, or so-called service, colour all they do.

How to Avoid the Dark Path

At the centre of what blocks Heart Awakening, are two things: identification with or as the form – its sex, gender, nationality (race), or sexual orientation. All these things are not who you are, they are all monikers of the flesh. The flesh is transitory. You are Soul or Spirit. You do not have a Soul; your Soul has a body. Bodies are separate, whereas Souls are all unified as one… which leads to the second block to Heart Awakening: Separatism. Identification with and as your flesh inadvertently creates walls to others. The Heart is a collective centre, it only awakens when one overcomes their individualism, embraces inclusivity, and finds their group working selflessly. The Heart’s entire reality is one of collective good, never the good of oneself, partner, or family alone.

Identification with the flesh leads to separatism – separatism leads to identification with and as the flesh – both lead to Darkness.
Soul identification leads to Heart awakening – Heart awakening leads to Soul identification – both lead to Light.
Inclusive Universality is the language of the Heart and spiritual evolution – and leads directly to Love.

Without embodiment of the Heart’s qualities, one lacks the ability to accurately co-measure and discern what is truly Heart Based and what is actually Self-Serving – or serving Evil. Without awakening Love-Wisdom within ourselves and group, the path to Darkness is guaranteed.

Hence, the Essential Need for Collective Heart Awakening.

To Our Luminous Future
Azure Seer

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