Gem – Do Not Identify With Illusion!

Identifying with or as a Reflection of the Real, is the same as Aligning to the Path of Darkness. Everything that exists in the physical realm is the manifest appearance of some previous causality, it is all simply effects – hence illusory. The forms are all echoes in matter, from the focused thoughts, or creative …

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Gem – Embody Greater Love and Light

When Darkness Appears, We Must Embody Greater Love! In this current time of psychological warfare and emotional violence, we must keep our Hearts Ablaze, now more than ever. When Darkness stretches forth in plain sight, it is easy to get swept up in the destructive waves it creates – either perpetuating the darkness or being …

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On The Current Opportunity

We Are Completely Surrounded by Falsity One of the happenings in our time is the proliferation of untruths, lies, falsehoods, and evil of many kinds. Of illusions thought real, and the cruel demanding rights, rather than doing the work to embody their radiant loving selves. And by these horrors, we are currently completely surrounded. We …

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Technology, Psychic Powers and Spiritual Growth

Changing Brainwaves at Will is Not “Spiritual”! Changing your brain waves at will is no more “spiritual” than is consciously controlling the rate of your breathing, or the speed with which you walk on a pavement! Being able to impact the rhythms or way our body moves, is one of the most rudimentary skills of …

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Gem – Material Wealth Does Not Evidence an Awakened Heart

Abundance is Not proof you are Heart Based! Many people believe that an indication a spiritually focused person is mastering life, is when they are “doing well” or are “financially abundant”. They think this accumulation of wealth is evidence they are balanced, in harmony, and that clearly their Heart is open. They presume they are …

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The Art of Mantras – A Greater Invocation

Part One What is an Invocation? Invocation: a form of prayer, mantra or petitioning – calling upon God, a deity, a muse, or some greater power(s), for aid, guidance, energy, protection, inspiration or the like; supplication.The act of calling upon a spirit by incantation.An invocation is usually in the form of a rhythmic verse, like …

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The Singular Truth of ‘Duality’

The concept of Duality is essentially an illusion, but useful to acknowledge before one is Enlightened! When we speak of adults compared to children; when we consider those currently experiencing pleasant karmic consequences compared to those we may label as unpleasant. When we observe folk still in ignorance compared to those who are experiencing what …

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Reflections on Chaos and Harmony

Chaos and Disharmony are indications of Imbalance requiring Peaceful Resolution These energetic paradigms are indicators that we have previously set things in motion that have upset the balance of our world, and hence the universe. The universe exists in the natural state of complete equilibrium. This is managed by what we call the Law of …

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Quote – Kindness is Invincible

“Kindness is invincible, but only when it’s sincere, with no hypocrisy or faking. For what can even the most malicious person do if you keep showing kindness?” ~ Marcus Aurelius 121-180AD, Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher

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