Question – What the World Needs

An Approach for Conscious Change-Makers

While we can see and tackle any and all manifestations of evil, cruelty, or hate in the world, and challenge them we certainly should, we must remember that as spiritually conscious people, our service work will always be more effective and right if we align with natural law, and thus, work to create change from Above-Down. Working for change at Causal levels, rather than only and continually butting up against Effects. Not only is this approach more effective, but it carries far more grace within it.

If we work to change the environment within which evil dwells, and this change makes it less favourable or utterly inhospitable for evil to flourish, and simultaneously more favourable for the healing potency of luminous love to grow and thrive, we may actually inspire systemic change!

One way to focus on this is to surpass the choices and behaviours people enact, and instead, to focus on the values driving them. If this is too abstract for us, we can work at the level directly beneath this, and focus on how people are choosing to express or achieve the manifestation of their values.

It is very easy to see evil, cruel, and hateful acts in the world, and often easy to see the mental-emotional anguish and distorted unloving beliefs that drive such behaviours. Harder to see, are the pseudo-values underpinning the beliefs that cause naught but suffering – dressed up and disguised as they are, within political, scientific, and especially religious concepts!

However, it is my belief that underneath all of these low-level behaviours, there is a trauma-impacted person seeking love, peace, freedom, kindness, and belonging. They simply have no idea how to step into or create that reality. Helping them with this is all the more difficult due to the plethora of beliefs being pushed in the world by those who stand to gain from separatism, chaos, hate, and fear! Not everyone is blessed with access to detached dispassionate wisdom and clear objective discernment, and so, they easily fall victim to external manipulation! Deception is, afterall, one of the main tools for those who seek power over others, or those of malevolent intent.

Aligning our Questions Above-Down

Let us now explore a series of questions to help align our service work to what will move the needle the most, by working at the causal or systemic level down to the physical. Let us see if we can help change the pseudo-values or beliefs that cause or perpetuate the most suffering in the world. And let us see if we can inspire a total change in the energetic environment of the planet!

Start with these:

  • What low-vibrational, dark, or evil values are most present in the world at this time?
  • What are their positive opposites, or what high-vibrational values would balance and heal them?

Then, reflecting on yourself, ask:

  • Do I personally admire and strive to embody any of these values the world truly needs?
  • What benevolent or high-vibrational values, that I do strive to embody, are lacking in the world?

And then finally, follow with:

  • How, precisely, can I use my experience of these values to help make the world a better place?
    Or even better…
  • How can I inspire others to see the merit and love within these values?
  • What would it take for them to embrace and live these values?
  • How can I and others inspire a systemic-level change to living [insert the values you have identified] on earth?
  • What language or way of speaking about this would reach and connect with the greatest number of people?

Tools For Transformation

It is my hope that you can see the “value” in focusing your service work and desire to help humanity evolve, within this value-centred Above-Down approach.

To be most effective, clearly, we must always Talk Our Walk, and not preach things we ourselves do not embody or are not actively and genuinely striving to live. It is always more authentic and successful to speak from our direct experience, rather than from abstract unembodied principles alone. Therefore, work to fully live the values you wish to inspire in others! Do not succumb to the pseudo-values and darkness-laced beliefs in the world. Stand in the Light of Love and hold true to this, no matter the reactions from those filled with darkness.

Do not judge those who are “not at your level,” for there will be other parts of your life that will still need work, as you are not likely a fully enlightened living saint yet. Best to embrace Humility as one of your high-vibrational values. This way your voice will carry greater presence and potency in the world.

In Love and Service
Azure Seer

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