Gem – On Old-World ‘Spirituality’

We Are Supposed to Keep Evolving, Not Languish in The Past.

In my meditations, I am repeatedly seeing that many so-called spiritual ideas, concepts, substances, and practices are being brought forth and flooding the modern Western World under the influence of the outgoing Piscean 6th Ray and the incoming Aquarian 7th Ray. The embracing of most of these is due to people grasping onto the old that is rightly dying, as well as a growing fascination with antiquated Atlantean and Lemurian ways, and as such, many spiritual seekers are being led astray. These old methods have little of true value to offer the modern disciple or advanced human, and can in fact, retard our progress at best, or cause us damage at worst. However, for the unconscious masses or young souls just beginning their spiritual journey, perhaps there is some value. As always, clear self-awareness and discernment is needed.

The lack of true value for the modern student is in great cause due to these antiquated practices opening seekers to the lower subplanes of the astral plane, and the etheric or non-dense levels of the physical plane. What modern seekers fail to recognise is that awakened consciousness at these lower planes were the goals for the Atlantean and Lemurian root races respectively. The modern human is to be occupied with opening to the concrete mental levels, thus mastering mind; just as the modern disciple is to be striving to the abstract mental levels and hence, Soul Consciousness. And we must ever remember that the etheric, astral, and concrete mental levels are All within or part of the Incarnate Personality, and therefore, do not constitute “Spiritual Perceptions” at all – these begin with the Soul on its own plane! They are non-physical perceptions, so the error is understandable.

Whilst cleansing the remaining Karma from these two ancient root races, we must not retrogress back to ways we should have long since grown beyond! We should also remember that even these old cultures, like all life on earth, are supposed to keep evolving. If they have barely changed in awareness and practices in thousands or tens of thousands of years, this is stagnation, and not evolution. We should pause and ask why they have stopped growing, and therefore, what value their beliefs and practices truly hold for modern humans.

Another aspect of my ongoing observations is the growing use of physical technology as “spiritual practice,” and whether all such usage is held in check by the Heart’s Wisdom.

My personal question about this current shifting and exploring paradigm is: What is the correct focus for modern humans?
This question is so important that I believe all people should drop into a truly detached state and contemplate this.

To Lucid Clarity
Azure Seer

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