Gem – Release and Embrace in Evolution

Release Must Be Coupled with Embrace If we wish to consciously navigate our growth and evolution, we cannot just, or only, focus on releasing layers of lower identity, we must simultaneously focus on aligning with and embracing our true identity or higher self. If we only focus on releasing the limitations without cultivating conscious connection […]

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Relating to Matter and Liberation

Matter and Limitation Our relationship to Matter can have a variety of powerful impacts upon us, depending on the nature of the relationship. Physical objects or dense Matter especially, can trap us in the most severe patterns of limitation. However, our physical possessions are not themselves the true problem, it is our relationship to them,

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The Limits of Mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness? The most common version of Mindfulness Practice is Stillness Mindfulness, which is sitting still and releasing awareness of all that is going on in one’s life, surroundings, thoughts, emotions, and body. To sit still and hold one’s attention on a singular point of focus like a candle flame or the breath moving

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Gem – Remarkable Beings

Are you Playing Small, or are you a Remarkable Being? A Remarkable Being is one who stands out from the crowd by virtue of their complete embracing of their full powered selves – which they shine forth authentically, without censorship or dilution. A Remarkable Being Stands True, embodying their Wisdom in bold and visible ways.

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Is your Identity your Greatest Block to Enlightenment?

Enlightenment lies beyond our Identity When the Crown Centre is completely awakened, and our consciousness becomes fully anchored therein, we experience what has been called Enlightenment. On the Path to Enlightenment there are many lessons that must be learned, trials that must be passed, and possibly the most difficult task of all – many layers

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Gem – We Cannot Create Apart from Others

We must clear all levels of limitation What our conscious selves choose is definitely affected by what our unconscious selves choose! Therefore as individuals, if we are striving consciously to create a better life, we eventually come up against the effects of the limiting patterns within our unconsciousness. We must take action, seek them out,

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