You are ‘Wake’, not Woke!

Are you Truly Awakened, or are you just viewing from a slightly expanded worldview?

Are you seeing from the expansive perspective of the Soul or Spirit, or is your perception still trapped within the confines of the Personality, or World of Personalities?

Before we dive in, let us first define our two labels, so we have a mutual foundation for what follows.

  • Wake – The effects caused by and following the actions of a vessel.
  • Woke – Urban slang for being awake, or awakened. Eyes open, truly seeing.
Are you genuinely woke, or are you swept up in the agendas and lives of incarnate Personality Vehicles?

Let me answer for you…

Where many people focus, is on their current Personality Vehicle, on the happenings in the physical body (including the etheric sheaths containing the Chakras and Nadis), sometimes the astral/emotional body and plane, and sometimes the ever-busy thought generation of the concrete mind.

Some people stretch beyond this in equally exaggerated and opposite measure, and focus on “God”, “Spirit” or “The Universe” (without any true understanding of the vastness of consciousness upon which they focus) – thinking they are connecting to the “Being” or Principle that created all that is, or some amorphous “Energy” they ascribe Divine qualities to! Such is the consciousness of the spiritually unawakened.

Some folk get all caught up in the activities of other personalities around the world – their good deeds, but very often their nefarious ones.

And because of these foci, they consider themselves “Woke”! I chuckle! Not to be mean or cruel, but to draw their attention to an opportunity to Genuinely Awaken!

Where your identity sits, defines the limitations of your consciousness

While you are identified with any part of your Personality or its activities, or with those of others – you are not “Woke”! You do not “truly see”.

The incarnate Personality is the effect, the manifestation of the true causality that is your Soul – the Personality is the wake of the Soul in Action. If you identify with the world of personality, you are identifying as Wake! You then live within and are circumscribed by the lower realms of effects – blind to the higher worlds of causality – wherein dwell genuinely Awakened Beings.

For many, the experience they call being Woke is really just the by-product of growing beyond their narrow self-focus, opening their eyes, and finally seeing something of the lives and activities of other folk, beyond their immediate family and around the world.

Certainly, this is a step in the right direction, and does represent a more expansive point of view. However opening your eyes and seeing beyond your own lower self, into the world of lower selves, is hardly grounds to consider oneself Awakened, or Woke!

But of course those that rouse from self-focus and discover there is a whole world going on around them, are often so shocked by this discovery that their pride kicks in and they start blowing their own trumpet – telling everyone else the good news of how incredible they are for their now expanded perception. And, they feel like they are now deserving of a “Gold Star” in the form of a new label to acknowledge their personal breakthrough.

Of course calling oneself Woke, and often arguing that certain others aren’t Woke, or certainly “not as Woke as I am” – simply demonstrates how truly self-focused, definitely unawakened, and still bound within the realms of the personality, they most certainly are!
Yes it’s all just the bluster of folk trapped and living within the realms of wake.

“Those that make the most noise, generally have the least to say.”
The Opportunity for Awakened Perception

If however you truly seek Awakening, if you genuinely want Enlightened Perception, you must reach beyond the limits of your current Personality. You must first wake up – that is open your sight to see all that is happening in the world of effects, the wake of the Kingdom of Souls, and not just that which you have decided is desirable – you must see it all.

Once you have achieved this expanded wakening, then you will see the vastness of the realm of human personalities, and all that comprises this transitory state. Only then can you genuinely aspire to the Awakened Consciousness that is your Higher Self, only then will you be able to identify what it is, by what it is not.

Tools for Transformation

To awaken beyond the confines of the Personality, we need to aspire to a far vaster perspective. To achieve this, there are several directions we can direct our attention:

  • We can contemplate Right Human Relations, and how we could achieve them for All People.
  • We can sit with the question: What is the plan of Evolution and Love for ___________? (Whatever arena of life that interests us, eg: science, politics, art, philosophy, ecology, religion, or spirituality.)
  • We can rest our awareness within the Light of the Soul, interconnected to all souls. And from there, open to all possibility.
  • Or we could even sit with a question like: What is the true nature of Unconditional Love, and how can I bring more of it into the world?

All of these questions or contemplations will direct one’s consciousness beyond the Personality Self, and open the way to Truly Seeing, and a Genuine Awakening!

In Clear Sight

Azure Seer

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