Gem – Discomfort can be a Great Opportunity

Do you routinely avoid discomfort, or do you see it for what it really is?

Discomfort is a Great Teacher – if you see it purely as an experience, and embrace it consciously as an opportunity for growth.

For whenever we seek to understand the nature of how we are creating our experience, and we earnestly open upwards and within, it is inevitable that insight and greater awareness come to us. Therefore discomfort, consciously engaged, can be one of the greatest tools for self-growth. It is a signpost that says: “Attention is needed here!” So instead of judging and avoiding it, we must embrace it.

Q: How do we embrace it in this manner?
A: We embrace it through Questions.

It is the seeking of questions that takes us deeper and deeper into the realms of insight and clarity. For when we ask, we open ourselves to new possibilities. And it is this very act that helps us to see and understand ourselves and the universe around us.

If we are not open, we are closed. Closed down and therefore trapped within a realm of limitation is most certainly a type of suffering far beyond discomfort, and one that I personally prefer not to create.

Fortunately creating openness is as simple as Seeking a Question!

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