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Gem – Remarkable Beings

Are you Playing Small, or are you a Remarkable Being? A Remarkable Being is one who stands out from the crowd by virtue of their complete embracing of their full powered selves – which they shine forth authentically, without censorship or dilution. A Remarkable Being Stands True, embodying their Wisdom in bold and visible ways. …

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Gem – Don’t ask “How Are You?”

Does your Question of Greeting focus your friend into their emotions, or into clarity of mind and alignment with Conscious Creation? Asking how someone “is”, is asking them about the Effects currently manifest in their life – from all the Causes they have previously set in motion. And usually, the question is aimed at eliciting …

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Quote – Love in Deed and Truth

“Arrest each unloving thought; stamp out each critical action, and teach yourself to love all beings – not in theory but in deed and in truth.” ~ Alice A. Bailey, 1880-1949, Theosophist and Author on Esoteric Spirituality

Gem – Alcohol Consumption and Veganism

Are Alcohol or Animal Products suitable for one on the Higher Spiritual Path? Everything we consume, physically and mentally, has impacts on our vibration and therefore, on the consciousness available to us. When you consume alcohol, you temporarily lower your vibration and dull your consciousness, the very opposite of what a spiritually focused person is …

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