June 2024

Mantra – Dragon Overnight Protection

Invoking Protection Against Overnight Psychic Attack This Mantra is one I wrote last month (May 2024), as the Dark Beings were particularly active with their psychic attacks and I felt I needed to refocus my overnight protections, invoking support from some of the greatest inner plane warriors I know – the Dragons! In the case of

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Gem – Release and Embrace in Evolution

Release Must Be Coupled with Embrace If we wish to consciously navigate our growth and evolution, we cannot just, or only, focus on releasing layers of lower identity, we must simultaneously focus on aligning with and embracing our true identity or higher self. If we only focus on releasing the limitations without cultivating conscious connection

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Relating to Matter and Liberation

Matter and Limitation Our relationship to Matter can have a variety of powerful impacts upon us, depending on the nature of the relationship. Physical objects or dense Matter especially, can trap us in the most severe patterns of limitation. However, our physical possessions are not themselves the true problem, it is our relationship to them,

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