Gem – All Interactions Are Communication

We Master Ourselves through Mastering Communication

Back in August of 2015, I awoke from a dream where I was told, “You master Yourself through mastering Communication!” This seemed truly profound to me at the time, and as an insight, it has proven true at every level I have explored since then – it is an insight that keeps on giving.

When we see that all levels and types of interactions that exist, are actually “communication,” it is a profound realisation that changes us profoundly.
All relationships are based in communication. Everything that is, is communication. And all communication is relational!

Here are some interactive relationships – the basis of each is communication.
Without communication, the relationships would not be!

Conscious and Subconscious Self
Adult Self and Inner Child
Heart and Mind
Body and Soul
Person and the Divine
Cells and other Cells
Molecules and Organs
Brain and Body
People and People
People and Animals
People and Nature
Self and Businesses
Self and Government
Earth and Stars
Past and Now
Future and Now
Microcosm to Macrocosm
Formed Reality and Unformed Potentia
Limited Self and Unlimited Self!

All Relations and all Communications.

In the Dream, the Mastery spoken of inferred that there was only one thing to master, and it applied equally in every situation, and to all relations.
Master the thing/no thing called Communication, the thing between all things. The unknowable, ungraspable Relational Communication. The stuff that draws and holds things together, for as long as it does. Master this, and you Master Everything.

Rest your awareness here… in communication. Mmmm
Azure Seer

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