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Gem – Don’t ask “How Are You?”

Does your Question of Greeting focus your friend into their emotions, or into clarity of mind and alignment with Conscious Creation? Asking how someone “is”, is asking them about the Effects currently manifest in their life – from all the Causes they have previously set in motion. And usually, the question is aimed at eliciting …

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Reflections on Chaos and Harmony

Chaos and Disharmony are indications of Imbalance requiring Peaceful Resolution These energetic paradigms are indicators that we have previously set things in motion that have upset the balance of our world, and hence the universe. The universe exists in the natural state of complete equilibrium. This is managed by what we call the Law of …

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“What’s the Meaning of Life?”

People ask this question often. Along with its companion question: “What is My Purpose?” I have heard it said that a Clear Purpose creates a Sense of Meaning in life. But perhaps it is the other way around. Living meaningfully, creates our Purpose – is our Purpose and Reason for Being. In essence, our Purpose …

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On The Power of Words and Conscious Greetings

Exploring the Importance of Speaking Authentically and Consciously in the Present We know that creative energies follow our focus, especially when focalised through our words, as words carry the Divine Energy of Creation. Therefore it is most wise to use them with consciousness! How do we use the power of our words to consciously create …

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How Mindful Are You?

When not sitting still “practising” Mindfulness, how mindful are you? Is your awareness present in what your body is doing?Is your awareness present in your task or activity? Are you consciously and mindfully creating your activity?Are you aware of the likely effects of the actions you are taking? Both how your current actions will affect …

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On High-Vibrational Reality, Judgement and Spiritual Alchemy

You will never find where to stand in life by focusing through the separating mind – only the high-vibrational reality of the Heart can reveal this to you. There are a lot of theories and confusion abounding in the world chat-o-sphere at present.Far from my desire is to add more noise to this cacophony. However, …

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