Gem – The Soul and the True Now

Where is the True Now?

Despite all feelings of being “present in the moment,” or in The Now, unless this comes with the Soul’s Vast Consciousness, the experience is but a reflection of the Now, and is therefore The Past. An effect rather than a causality, appearing to our awareness after or behind the True Now.

The experience for the Incarnate Personality, within the dense realms, has a sense of reality to it, as until we lift our awareness to higher planes, it is anchored here. This is much the same illusion as the Person or Personality believing itself to be real, that it will endure in some way after death, that it will live on eternally. Yes, the astral and mental sheaths may linger for some time within the inner realms, but when the Soul is ready to reincarnate, both forms will also be cast away and destroyed – such is the reality of the little self. Likewise, our experience of The Now is an effect after the cause – unless we are Soul Aligned or Fused – a mere passing illusion and not the True Now.

Time and the Bodies

The physical body is The Past, as it is the appearance, an effect, the lagging outer manifestation of previous inner causes.

The emotional body is also in The Past, but a little nearer to Now. It is where thoughts initially manifest – as astral matter is utterly malleable and responds near-instantly to all thought impulse.

The mental body is in the Relative Now and is the source of creation at the Personality level. It exists in the concrete levels of the mental plane, and therefore, has a degree of causal power.

The Soul or Soul-ar Lotus is in the True Now. It is called the Causal Body, for it is from Here that the entire Personality is brought into existence. It is the causality that manifests an incarnate Human, and as our Path eventually leads us to Alignment and then Fusion with the Soul, it is our Future. Vibrationally, the Kingdom of Souls is the True Now because it is here that the vaster sparks of creation are originated – as far as a Human Being is concerned. We live within, ARE The Past, the result of all Soul-ar Impulses. The effects manifesting long after the initial cause was sent out.
This may sound like where we are is ahead of the moment of creation because the Causal Moment was before the effect we are experiencing, and therefore, we live in the future. However, this idea is a byproduct of Past-to-Now Consciousness – the lot for unenlightened human personalities. The Soul is continuing to create, and we will not experience its designs until some time later. The physical is ever The Past or the wake of the abstract mental causal impulses.

Time considerations are often brain breaking.
I hope this breakage has allowed your consciousness to expand through the cracks!
Azure Seer

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