The Need to Engage Darkness

Conscious Engagement is Necessary

There appear to be many people who do not wish to focus on Darkness or Evil, usually because they have been convinced that their focus will empower it. This is great news for the mischievous or malicious Low-Level Beings within the Astral Plane, the utterly malevolent, power-hungry, and evil Dark Beings (sometimes referred to as the Dark Brotherhood or Black Lodge), and also for the low-vibrational deva lives who are most comfortable dwelling in the inner environment your ignorance (act of ignoring) creates within you! Let it be clearly stated – that growth cannot happen while you ignore the Darkness!

Of course, there is truth to the statement that “Where our focus goes, our energy flows,” but this is a nuanced statement. The nature of the focus determines the nature of the effect it will have upon the subject of our attention. In the case of evil, we need to see what is happening, and how. This requires that the darkness is brought into the full light of consciousness, hence, our attention or focus energy reveals like a beam of light, it makes visible the hidden, that we may then deal with it – lovingly and wisely. If we cannot see the details, if aspects remain veiled to our perceptions, when we do act, we will be operating with an incomplete view and are therefore more prone to making mistakes. So, the tiny bit of energy we add, serves us perfectly in our work. In short, we cannot heal anything we do not see – and any action we take requires the details to be seen with clarity.

Just as the ship cannot sail until it draws up its anchor, there can be no positive growth or forward movement until you free yourself from that which binds you. You must attend to the dark and limiting patterns within yourself. You cannot progress as a whole being while ignoring your darkness, it needs the Light of your Loving Awareness!

Doesn’t the New Replace the Old?

Just as you cannot grow new life in toxic soil or conditions, you cannot simply create the new and beautiful without first transmuting the old and ugly. Building positive virtues doesn’t automatically erase negative vices. Sometimes the act of conscious building transforms and uses some of the substance of the old, but more often than not, the old negative patterns and effects require direct attention. Afterall, it is the lack of loving attention that likely caused and empowered these negative patterns in the first place.

Withholding loving attention now, will not heal them, two wrongs do not make a right, just as two causes do not erase each other’s effects, they simply create two effects. Ignored negative patterns will simply fester and empower one’s inner saboteur, as they act out to draw the attention they crave and need. In short, if we do succeed in building the new without attending to the old, it frequently creates an inner environment of conflicting beliefs which then battle for control of us – at least until all the old has been healed and transformed. If conflicting beliefs are established within us, this creates a life of inner torment and suffering, which often manifests into our dense bodies.

Bringing Insight to Ignorance

Now to dive into some insights…
We are told that Darkness is just a lack of Light, and that all we need to do is draw in greater Light and the Darkness is banished. However, it only appears as simple as this because most humans lack the apparatus and awareness to perceive what is truly happening. This is exactly the same as when people “send energy or light” to others, or when they intone a mantra, empowering an intention. They are usually oblivious to the true nature of the forces or lives they are calling into action, and unaware of the beings who step forward to direct the actual detailed work called for.

The light or energy does not automatically, of its own volition, know what to do, for it is simply tiny devic lives who cannot possibly understand the complexities of the human condition. They require complete direction – and far more than that which the Healer or Energy worker provides, for they too, unless enlightened, do not and cannot perceive all the factors and mechanisms at play within any given person, organisation, or society! It is for this reason “Guides” or Angels are usually invoked to assist in the work. As one learns more, purifies their vessels, and gains greater self-mastery, more of the subtle inner workings can be revealed – though most commonly these perceptions too, are misinterpreted due to pride manifesting as the human proclivity to overestimate themselves and their knowledge. Through evolution, this is eventually overcome, and we begin to slowly awaken the perceptions that allow us to truly see and do the inner work ourselves.

Darkness is More than a Lack of Light 

You may have heard the phrase “Transmuting Darkness to light.” This is not a statement about filling a dark empty void with luminous light, it is not about filling nothing with something, it is about changing one thing into another thing – it is a statement about an active alchemical process!

When we state that Darkness is “transmuted,” this directly implies that Darkness has substance and structure. Indeed, when we are capable of perceiving the microcosmic level, we see that Darkness has substance, is substance. It is full of and embodied by involutionary low-vibrational devic or elemental lives. Darkness IS Matter.

When we can perceive the level of these darkened involutionary lives as they are being acted upon by the evolutionary higher-vibrational deva lives that are Light, we can see that the elementals of darkness are being changed at a fundamental level, their vibration increased, and their very forms are transmuted or “redeemed.”

Darkness, like space, is not an empty void. Darkness needs Light, just as Evil needs Love. Consciously directed Luminous Love is what drives evolution, which is why we must engage our inner and outer darkness – it must be welcomed home to be healed, so the whole can be made whole once more. Duality must be synthesised back into unity. This is the Path of Synthesis.

In Love, Light, and Healing
Azure Seer

If you would like to dive deeper into the ideas of Energy Following Thought and why it is essential that we do focus on Darkness and Evil, I recommend reading my Article: On Disease, Darkness, and Accessible Light

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