On Disease, Darkness, and Accessible Light


Perception, Deception, and Darkness

What follows is an unpacking of some of the aspects of the Perception of Light and Truth, mostly explored through the lens of what is commonly called Light Work. I am writing with the intention of dispelling several myths or glamours, which unfortunately, are plentiful in many who identify as Light Workers, Light Warriors, or even Healers. I am hoping to provide a greater level of clarity and insight into this field of energetic service work – especially about the ever-present dangers of Dark and Low-Level Beings.

The very Forces of Darkness or Evil – and I use these terms interchangeably – understand illusion and are the Masters of Deception, and therefore, sadly, many genuine well-intentioned Light Workers unknowingly get led astray, and end up wasting their time and energy dealing with or battling illusions rather than having any true impacts on evil itself.

Deception truly is one of the greatest tools the Dark Ones use: making the false appear true, making darkness appear as light, and certainly making things that cause harm feel right or true! It is so easy for them to align their misdirecting energies with any low-vibrational un-mastered parts of people, so that within the person, darkness resonates as light and lies resonate as truth. And further, because many people rely on resonance – but rarely have clear esoteric knowledge, full emotional control, and pure living – they become easy victims of darkness, and often, the unwitting agents of evil!

Safety on the path, and being a genuine worker of Love, all comes down to clear perception, which affords access to Pure Light. Let’s dive in…

What Can Be Perceived?

The quality, intensity, and purity of Light you can access and wield, depends upon many things, including the quality of devas that comprise your various bodies, their vibratory rate, and the mastery or purity achieved within these layers of your personality vehicle – your dense body, and etheric, emotional, and mental sheaths. Simply knowing about a frequency of Light or even where to source it, does not mean you will perceive it as it is, nor will it allow you to access it in its fullness, if at all.

This same Principle applies to your Soul – simply knowing you have a Soul, that truly, you are a Soul, or even upon which subplanes you as a personality can find it, does not open you to instantly access it, and definitely does not allow you to draw upon all of its vast consciousness and energy. You must still do the work to build and fortify the connection and prepare yourself appropriately to receive its potency.

Likewise with the Divine. Learning the concept of a Divine Being – frequently called God, Source, Spirit, or The Universe – a being so vast that they/it created all that is, a being of a scale immense enough to enclose the trillions of galaxies within themselves, in no way gives your tiny human awareness access to such a colossal consciousness as this, let alone its potent Light! In fact, the very idea would be seen as preposterous, if it weren’t for humanity’s proclivity for prideful overestimation of themselves.
But “we were created in the image of God,” some say.
Firstly, note the word “image,” and secondly, if we do indeed have God-like qualities, as is implied – here’s a little test.

Utilising your expansive awareness and perceiving from Above-Down… Can you isolate in your awareness and then communicate with the intelligence of a singular and specific atom within your own body, one distinct and separate from all other atoms? It dwells inside you as we dwell within God, you are God to all of your atoms, so why not? What about a cell or a molecule? Perhaps at the level of a specific muscle, organ, or gland, communication may be possible, just as a constellation-sized being may be able to communicate with a particular planetary-sized being within it. However, even a constellation-sized being would not be aware of any particular human being living on one planet in its many star systems.

Let’s now look from the perspective of the atom, from Below-up, as we look at God. Do you think an atom inside us, circumscribed by the reality we call our body, could even conceive of human society, let alone the life or consciousness of our Planetary or Solar Logos? A great gap in scale of beingness and vibration make clear perception and communication impossible!

Coming back to us and our human awareness… Most people cannot even access or handle the full Light of their Soul, definitely not their Monadic Fires, and certainly they have not even built the apparatus with which to accurately perceive the consciousness of a Planetary or Solar Logos, let alone that of a Constellation-sized being or beyond! So, the Universal God of All? This is an expression of glamour, delusion, and ignorance at its finest! Knowing an idea or having rudimentary human thought about some vastness simply does not give an incarnate person full access to it. Concept alone affords no access at all.

Accessing Reality Verses Illusions

In the early stages of your inner perception awakening – within the subplanes wherein our bodies dwell – simply learning that something exists, may allow you to catch sight of it, although initially, what you will see will likely be the embodied concept or living thoughtform of the thing, and not the true thing itself. In time, once you learn to differentiate between the real and the conceptual and can consciously focus on the real, being able to access it further requires knowing at least a few of its qualities, its visual characteristics, or its pure note – you need keys that can open it to you.

However, even at this somewhat advanced level of perception, your access will only be partial or qualified access, as whatever you experience will be filtered through the quality and purity (or lack thereof) of your own energies. What you experience, if not a fanciful illusion, will only be a portion of its full reality and potency – and remembering that that which you are perceiving will be the lower reflection of a far greater energy and reality, beyond human perception altogether. Therefore, humility with all we perceive is always essential.

Light for Energy Work

Fortunately, despite the higher planes of perception being inaccessible to most humans, we can access energies relevant to the beings and circumstances of the planes we dwell in. We only need to draw upon the next higher source or greater force to master that which is beneath it, and this is only a small vibrational gap to bridge.

In terms of Lumining – the Art of Divine Alchemy, or transmutation of darkness to light – we know that the more evolved Dark Beings (DB) can access two thirds of their Soul’s energies within the Abstract Mental levels, whereas most DB function fully within the Astral levels beneath this. Therefore, most folks will only require access to the Light of pristine mind to deal with any DB that may see and psychically attack them. For those who are a genuine threat to darkness on earth, they will need the Love of the Soul, and occasionally Buddhic Energies to fully heal or transmute the Dark Ones that see and focus on them.

There is, of course, cosmic evil, though beings of this level are rare and few on earth, and certainly young disciples and initiates would not even draw their attention, let alone have to deal with them. Only when functioning in an esoteric group and when that group becomes a potent threat to dark power – due to the potency of their collective transmutative healing energies – would they focus on attacking you at all. But at this stage of the path, you will have gained access to even greater energies, and also, have conscious working relationships with far greater allies who themselves wield the power needed to deal with cosmic darkness.

Coming back to the Physical, Astral, and Concrete Mental levels where humanity dwell. Clear thought can take you far, and certainly, in time and with focused practice, affords one the ability to control their emotions and dense form, thus, opening the way to greater Soul-level perceptions and functioning. With such access, all three energies of the Soul, its Light and Love and Power, can be drawn upon and used in Light Work or Lumining.

The Soul is already at-oned with all other Souls, although younger Souls will not have full access to the vastness of the Kingdom of Souls, as they are still learning and gathering experience. As far as humans are concerned, when the incarnate personality is aligned to and then fused with the Soul, firstly, mystic union is achieved, and then secondly, it is possible to have a conscious working relationship with the Divine, via the beings who embody the Heart Centre of the Planetary Logos or God of our Earth. And this is a momentous, although still rare, level of achievement on our world.

Once such fusion is achieved, as a living embodiment of your Soul, your capacities are vastly increased, but so then, are your responsibilities. You would already be living in selfless service, and working with the group you are a part of – a requirement to achieve Soul Fusion, or the 3rd Initiation. Therefore, the Light you can collectively access, ground, and wield will be great indeed! Your shared perceptions will allow you all to discern the real from the illusory with great skill, at all levels from the Soul to the dense physical – no illusions or deception will have any grasp upon you. You will embody the Light of Truth, and thus, be a great and luminous force for good in our darkened world.

Clear Knowledge is Needed for Clear Access

Clear or Straight Knowledge is key in accessing pure light. Sure, one can simply imagine any colour they have encountered at the physical level, or the all-inclusive “white light,” but remember, everything beneath the level of the Soul is, by its nature, illusory, and all lower forms veil higher ones, and this includes photons.

An example, and common mistake, is superimposing the “colours of the rainbow” onto the chakras. The rainbow is but a refraction of physical white light photons, that is to say, a dense-level spectrum extracted out of the 7th ray, the specific ray which relates to the physical plane. The remaining six rays relate to the other six planes of perception and our chakras are essentially doorways to them. The colours of the seven rays are not that of the rainbow, and so, thinking these colours relate to the chakras is a misconception, and as such, blocks accurate perception. If you do not know a thing in truth, as it is, you cannot truly access it – you will only open yourself to the thoughtform of it created by humanity, and this will be an illusion projected onto reality, and frequently distorted. This is but one example of how straight knowledge reveals the real behind the illusion.

If you wish to work in Light or Energy in the modern Western world, the first step in accessing clear light is to learn. It is best to study the pristine insights of esoteric science – The Ageless Wisdom in its most modern forms, updated especially for Occidental psychology – therefore, opening to knowledge beyond cultural, religious, and materialistic scientific interpretations. You must open to the real. Only when you are a knower, and not simply a person relying on faith or vague inner impressions, can you wield Great Light and Energy. Of course, there are, as we will see in Part Two, many distorted deceptive versions of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings available online. Clear discernment is essential for safe navigation on the path.

The second thing you need is a living conscious relationship with the sources of Light, and this requires developing the skills of concentrated focus, visualisation, and meditation. You must be able to relax the body, still the emotions, and quiet the mind at will, and then lift your vibration and awareness to the level of your Soul, if you wish to see the Real, and therefore, wield Real Light, as opposed to imagined light or the lower reflections of Divine Light.

Darkness and Disease

Some more Straight Knowledge…
All of reality is alive. Everything that exists is either the living embodiment of Intelligence or Intelligence and Consciousness. Therefore, everything that happens or occurs in life is relational. Cause and Effect is not a lifeless scientific principle, but a statement of the relationships within Capital L Life. All is alive, so when we choose, we create effects in and to other lives, and vice versa – and this is not limited to the dense physical bodies of humans and animals alone, nor indeed, is this limited to the physical plane at all.

All life at all levels is interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated. Whenever choices are made that cause imbalance, a doorway is opened, or a relationship is invited and forged with the forces of disorder, disharmony, and disease. These patterns, like all patterns, are embodied beings, or embodied within beings. When we make choices that cause imbalance and disease within us, we also form connections with people, places, and institutions in the outer world, as well as beings, places, and energies in the inner world – we attract all that vibrates in alignment with the imbalance and disease within us! Just as we understand like behaviour attracts like behaviour, when we make choices that create the perfect environment for ill health or sickness within us, we create relationships with Beings who embody disease, disharmony, and disintegration at all levels. An example is a person with alcoholism, who is perpetually surrounded, and partially possessed by, disincarnate humans who are still suffering addiction. This cluster of Low-Level Beings makes it very hard for the incarnate alcoholic to master their desires and choice to avoid alcohol, as their own desires are amplified by those of the spirits around and within them. The alcohol also destroys integrity of the aura and etheric body, and so, the person opens themselves to being emotionally and energetically drained!

Yes, I am saying that underlying or adjunct to all physical illness or disease are both poor mental-emotional patterns and low-vibrational or dark beings who embody such energies! To truly heal, we must sort ourselves out, and change our inner relationships. Therefore, Divine Alchemy and Healing are two parts of one whole. One without the other ends in partial completion or all out failure to remedy the imbalance or disease.


Illusion and Higher Perception

When part of our Purpose or Call to Serve is dealing with darkness or evil, whether in the form of attending to sickness as a Healer or beings as a Divine Alchemist, as we direct our focus to perceiving the Dark Energies or Dark Ones and their effects, we must be able to determine whether what we are looking at or sensing is real or an illusion designed to distract us – therefore causing us to waste our time and energy. If our incarnate vessel has not been purified to a high standard, it will be near-impossible to do this. If we do not have access to energies of a higher order than those the sickness embodies or the DB are using, such discernment is completely impossible. It is only higher energies than those constructing the illusory form that can reveal an illusion to us. If we can only access and use the same or a lower level of energies as the illusory form or living image, it will have the appearance of being completely real to us! Understanding this is essential.

For clarity, as most DB work astrally and most sicknesses are emotionally based, we must have access to Clear Balanced Mind. But when we are confronted with severely compromised thoughts or Mental Plane DB, it is imperative to have conscious access to Soul-level perception, else we will be completely fooled and manipulated by the forces of Sickness and Disintegration or the cunning DB!

In order to wield higher energies, we must first be able to determine, with some degree of accuracy, the nature of causality of the imbalance manifesting as sickness, or the nature of the energies the DB are working with at that time. Only thus, can we know what to use on them. If we use the wrong energies, we will waste our time at best or empower the sickness or DB at worst. Simply using the highest energy we can access, is not enough. For example, if dealing with sickness and the problem is one of inflammation as opposed to congestion – the two forms sickness embodies – we should not add energy at all, for this is like adding fuel to a fire! If the problem is one of DB interference, and the DB are energetically Pingala in nature and we use a high-level Pingala energy on them, they will be able to absorb a great deal of it, and hence, become empowered. The same is true if the DB are Ida or Sushumna in nature. With both Healing and Lumining, caution and clear perception are ever needed.

To use Light with wisdom, we need:

  • Straight knowledge and clear higher perception.
  • Self-control, or “control of the incarnate self.”
  • Access to inner light sources and the allies that dwell therein.
  • High-vibrational purity of motive, and a simple pure lifestyle or Heart-Based Living.
  • To be part of a conscious working group to ensure we have awakened our Hearts and can hold a line against the darkness we seek to illumine – lest we get taken over by that darkness and become sick or evil ourselves.

Being taken over can happen when working alone, even while holding genuine intentions – remembering the road to hell is paved with “good intentions.” As the DB work with individualism and duality, we must work in groups of three and above, we must be able to ground and embody the Trinity. Without Group Love, our Heart Centres cannot truly and fully awaken, and therefore, we are always at risk of deception and manipulation.

Hence, we must embrace higher group consciousness to awaken sufficient Love and Light and avoid the separatism and pride which are ever the hallmarks of evil.

Yes, This Is Your Business and Concern!

You may think that you do not need to concern yourself with Dark Beings or Evil, that you can just focus on “creating beauty in the world.” You may be clinging to the idea that “Energy Follows Thought or Focus.” You may be thinking, if you ignore the Darkness and Evil, it will die of attrition. While there is a degree of truth in all such thoughts, the greater truth is that when we ignore the evils within ourselves or the world at large, they fester and thrive in our ignorance – for evil never rests, and it loves when we have convinced ourselves to let it be – so it can go about its Dark Business untroubled and unchallenged by us! This is true of both Disease and Evil Beings – both truly need Love; both need loving attention and focus.

Of course, both forces will resist Love and Light at first – but we must stand true in the Light of Love – despite such a stance making us more powerful and effective as Alchemists and Healers and therefore making us more of a perceived threat to the DB, which will then attract definite psychic attacks. Remember, the DB do not want a world of clear, healed, and empowered people, for such people are far harder to manipulate and control.

The simple fact is that unless we are a threat to Evil, it has little to no reason to focus on us. Therefore, if we are not being targeted by Dark Beings, and I do not mean the Low-Level Beings in the astral plane which we can open or align to through foolish or unloving choices, it simply means that nothing we are doing or planning poses any threat to their hold on humanity and the earth! Why would they bother expending energy on someone who is no threat to them or is even doing their dark work without realising.

If you believe you are accessing and wielding Great or Pure Light, and yet, the DB are not psychically attacking you, you truly require an inner reassessment of what exactly you are drawing upon and what you are doing with it! You may challenge this concept by saying that you are dealing with such high-level energies or beings that they themselves keep you safe. While at very advanced stages on the path there is some truth to this, 99% of the time this is yet another sentimental, glamoured, and prideful notion that New Age folk like to believe. No genuinely benevolent being will thwart or pervert the natural laws, and as such, they will never block you from receiving back the karma you are due – both unpleasant and wonderful. Humanity has always been and truly is a magical species, we are creators. As we learn through trial and error, we have made plenty of mistakes in working with energy, and therefore, we all have loads of energetic or psychic karma – that is – we have caused much distortion, stagnation, and harm in the world of energies, and the effects of this must all come home to us so we can learn the lessons to full completion. And, of course, we must clean up the psychic mess we have made on and surrounding the earth – this includes clearing the DB that we have given access to enter our world sphere. The DB use our dark karma as means of access to attack us, so unless we are a fully enlightened being, we have plenty of karma to work through – and therefore, plenty of opportunities to grow.

A little clarity… Be aware that if you are entertaining beliefs and patterns that are themselves distorted or lacking in Love, the Low-Level Astral Beings will have open doorways into your energies, and often such beings simply connecting to you will feel like either an empowerment or an attack. This is not the same as a directed psychic attack by the DB. It is essential to learn to discern the difference. This topic of understanding the Dark Beings and their attacks is vast and deep in its scope. I will need to attend to it in more detail in another article, at an appropriate future time.

In Conclusion…

It is my hope that the above essay has opened your mind to aspects of reality that you may not have been aware of. Anything we do not know, we cannot consider or factor in, and if we are lacking in knowledge, the clarity of our perceptions will lack in direct measure. The path is about awakening to greater and greater Truth and Reality, but we must do this in a wise manner. We must be ever watchful for pride, glamour, illusion, and deception, especially regarding who or what we believe we are contacting, connecting to, or working with. Aligned with this and important to mention – never apply force to or crack open your chakras or energies, for you will make yourself far more vulnerable to deception and manipulation! Truly, there are hordes of beings ever awaiting such opportunities, and many misguided humans who continue to enable such possessions through teaching practices that cause a lot of harm to people, psychologically and energetically.

In Clear Light and Truth
Azure Seer

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