Gem – Interdependence verses Separatism

Personal Strength Verses Collective Strength

“I don’t need anything from anybody.”
“I need nothing from nobody.”
“I am a strong independent…woman, man, person.”
“I don’t want to depend on anyone for anything.”
“I am at my best when I go it alone.”

These are not only statements which are utterly untrue, they are made exclusively by the hurting pained separatist individual, and not by one who is truly Empowered and Heart-Based. For all Heart-Based Beings understand and live consciously within Interdependent Unity – the nature of existence for Human Souls, and in fact, all life on earth!

These sorts of proclamations are also lacking in the awareness and wisdom that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Anyone who embraces higher group consciousness and authenticity knows firsthand just how much more capable we humans are when we work together for our collective greater good.

Separatism Breeds Unhealthy Competition

In this current Age of the Individual, a by-product of humanity collectively awakening greater mental functioning, the next step from having awoken collective emotional functioning during the Atlantean Age, there has appeared many distortions of mind or wrong thinking, Hardened Individuality is but one. However, it is one of the most dangerous, as Separatism (or Separativeness) is one of the greatest forces wielded by Dark Beings – aligned to the age-old truism used by all people of evil persuasion – divide and conquer!

When a little Fear of those different to ourselves is tossed in; and a dash of judgment-fuelled Hate is added; we then have the most potent recipe for rapidly falling into the dark path and becoming a force for greater malevolence on earth – little though, many well-intentioned but hoodwinked, folks realise.

Sadly, these three qualities of Separatism, Fear, and Hate are everywhere present on earth, opening the way, rather than closing the door, to Darkness and Evil! It is definitely best that we do not separate ourselves from others, and hence, do the work of the Evil Ones for them!

As Always, Lovingkindness is the Answer!

We must cultivate Inclusiveness, Trusting Faith, and Lovingkindness – if we are to create a world where Love, Gentleness, Interdependent Universality, and True Kinship can grow and thrive, and this can be achieved by loving the person, even if we must challenge some of their choices and behaviours. As long as attending to low-vibrational beliefs, choices, and behaviours stays purely in the realm of principles and ideas and does not slide down into that ugliness we call Judgment and Rejection, we all then have a good chance for healing, inner growth, and positive change.

To our interconnection and common ground
Azure Seer

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