Mantra – Invoking Divine Protection

This Mantra is a powerful Invocation. Its intention is as the title says – a Mantra of Protection.One would use this particular version when there is darkness of some form already present in your life or circumstances. This particular Mantra is not a “preventative” one, it is an invocation for a time of need. Like …

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Mantra – Invoking Divine Power as a Divine Warrior

This Mantra is very powerful one. It is quite abstract in places, and so requires some degree of esoteric knowledge. It begins by focusing on Beings aligned to the Great White Lodge – or Counsel of Enlightened Beings – the Heart Centre of the Earth. Further in, it directly addresses the Great Lord of Shambhala …

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Mantra – Gratitude for a Main Meal

These two Mantras are in the form of Words of Thanks – they are an expression of gratitude as well as clear loving intention.They have the general vibe of the Old World… the feel from European Pagan times. In the words before we eat, we set a longer, deeper intention, so that we truly acknowledge everything …

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