Mantra – Mantra of Life

This Mantra I wrote in approximately 2008. It is an affirmative mantra, linked to the 5 elements – and very much focuses on the type of world I would like to live in.

It is also about universality, and that we are stronger when are work together. It very powerfully affirms our true oneness.

The last stanza is also a call out, to all those who may share such a focus. To come, connect, sing and dance together – basking in our shared light.

I hope you find it as uplifting as I have done!

On Earth we stand united
Our differences make us strong.
Like Water flowing rhythmically
Our connections bond us as one.

The Fires of our Higher Minds
Now Light the Path before us.
The Air we breathe is Clear Beauty
Our Intuitions we do trust.

The Spirit that unites us
Grounds our work and gives it traction.
For I am You and You am I
Together we are Love in Action.

With Deep Respect we celebrate
For we are Magic, Love and Light.
Our shared power is Universal
One Heart, one Voice, one Life.

So hear us lovers, sing our Song of Songs
Come dance with us while.
United in Light and Beauty
Let’s co-create a Sustainable Smile!

I’ve always wondered how this mantra might work with music…

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