Question – On Possibility

Q: What else is possible?

This little question is a great “go-to” when you are stuck in any way!
It is one that can really just loosen up limited, stuck, and rigid thinking patterns that by nature close us down. What “else” is possible, tells the subconscious that “more” is possible than we are currently thinking and feeling. So by its nature, it is a question that Opens Us Up!

Due to its simple power, it is one you can ask, answer, ask and answer – over and over – thus opening yourself even more. Mmmmm.

Like all true power questions, this question is expansive in nature, through directing you inwards rather than outwards. It is a question that liberates.

And… this question, like all good questions, is one to sit with. It guides your consciousness into a space of direct experience. It is not intended to be answered intellectually. Keep asking it. Keep seeking that which it focuses your awareness into. Enjoy.

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