On Mastering Limitations

Limiting patterns channel great amounts of force!

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”
Or put another way, the neural pathways in your brain that fire together, wire together. And these become your habit patterns. The primary patterns that limit us are what we refer to as our line-of-least-resistance.

If you see a new pathway between two neurons like a thread of hair, and a pathway that is well used as a multi-stranded copper wire; you will see that there is much less resistance for electrical current or signals, to travel down the multi-stranded wire than there is through the hairline thread.

This means that as the electrical impulses move through our brain, it is easier for them to go down the old familiar paths that offer little resistance, versus the new and still forming paths that we are trying to grow within us!

Can you fix a problem by focusing on it?

What this also means, is that even just reflecting on a limiting pattern or problem in our lives, means that the pathways connected to it are all activated – that is to say we are using and therefore reinforcing those old patterns through our attention energy.

Understand it like this, you can only entertain one thought at a time. Think of it like serial monogamy: one partner, then the next, then the next, compared to the concept of polyamory where one might have multiple partners at the same time.

Another example would be to consider our eyes, and them being open or closed. There is always the possibility of being open or closed held within the realm of our neural pathways. However they are either open or they are closed. That is to say, one or the other path is currently active. If your eyes are open, you can see the light and details of all around you. If your eyes are closed, there is darkness and no detail is available to you.

Our thoughts, while they may feel as though they are “all there at once”, are actually in rapid succession and often we go backwards and forwards over them repeatedly.

Thoughts like to Party!

However it is common for a single negative thought to activate all the other thoughts it is wired to, creating what we experience as a thought-storm – a rapid firing of a mass of other negative thoughts in extremely short succession, a bit like pulling the trigger of a loaded machine gun. And along with this thought-storm, we then experience a rapid falling into dark or unpleasant emotions – the emotional mirror state to our engaged thought life. Be aware that not every trigger thought will be conscious, some are deeply buried in the subconscious, anchored there during past trauma events.

Once the emotions have been engaged, it is much more difficult to get free from this tragic experience we have just created for ourselves, as we have now cut ourselves off from our higher functions, due to the extreme agitation in our surrounding auric space.
No one in a triggered emotional state has access to their clear cold reason any longer, not until their waters and fires come back to stillness and quietude respectively.

As long as we are dwelling in that state, all the neural pathways that got us there, are being reinforced through being active!

We cannot feel Peace when Agitation is present.

And, we cannot feel Love when Fear is present – because these are vibrational patterns.
You are either vibrating highly, your eyes are open, you see Light all around you – and the neural pathways that represent this state are all firing.
Or you are in low-vibration, your eyes are closed, and you see only Darkness all around you – and the neural pathways representing this state are all active.

Light and Dark, open and closed, low and high-vibration All Exist within the totality, but we only ever experience one state at a time. We are the whole manifest in a singular point in space-time. (Of course there may be other versions of ourselves in other versions of our quantum reality, but most likely they are also only experiencing their point in space-time, in their version of reality.)

It is useful (and incredible) to experience and know we are one with all of existence, but that doesn’t make our bodies suddenly dissolve, our facet of the great sphere be erased – we just operate as a singular being at-oned with all. The individual expression that we are remains.

We can either embrace the vastness that we are, and know that low and high are still vibrations of the one Divine Song. But which vibrational note within that Great Song we wish to embody and experience, is up to us to choose.

You have as much permission, or free will, to live a low-vibrational existence, as you do to live a high-vibrational one.
Both experiences are available: trapped in repeating dull dark patterns, or free in repeating joyous light patterns.

Your Focus determines your Experience!

So coming back to our thoughts, and that lighthouse of illumination we call the mind. “The mind is an organ of sight”. Where we focus its awareness becomes illuminated. What we focus it on, stands revealed. Then we say: “Ah, I see!”

Consider that science has determined, we have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day.
If the majority of those are of a negative and limiting nature, do you think it is possible to have a positive and expansive life experience?
Or, if the majority of our thoughts are in fact positive, joy-filled and expansive, how can our life be anything but this!?

Considering this, every thought we dwell on that is of a limiting and negative nature, is one less thought we can have of a positive and expansive nature. Each negative and limiting thought reinforces negative and limiting patterns, at the expense of building and reinforcing positive thought patterns. It is a simple equation!

Your focus is your spiritual practice of creation!

The thought patterns you repeatedly entertain, dwell on, and especially feel strong emotions in relation to, are your practice!
Whatever is the vibrational nature of the majority of your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious – will be the nature of the life you experience. For as humans, it is our focus that directs The Divine Creative Power we are the custodians and directors of.

With clear intention and discipline we can become master of our conscious thoughts; but what about that which we cannot readily see, the thought patterns held within our subconscious mind?

Fortunately, our subconscious is open to the focused direction of our conscious mind. That is, when we can communicate with it in the manner and language that it understands.

Due to this clever and brilliant design, we can therefore master and consciously choose all that we wish to entertain and thus create in our lives.

In Conclusion…

I am in no way implying that this is an easy task, for this is the very foundation of self-mastery. And if self-mastery, and therefore Enlightenment, were easy to achieve, everyone would be self-mastered and Enlightened. For who would not want to be the conscious master of their complete life experience?

So let us master our limitations by consciously choosing the thoughts we empower.
Let us entertain the positives, rather than dwelling on the negatives!
Let us replace thought-storms with vast deep stillness.
Let us stand, immovable within the clear light.

Yes… Let us build neural pathways of our conscious choosing!
And let us all support one another in this Great Work of Love.

In Conscious Freedom

Azure Seer

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