November 2022

On Mental Control

What is Mental Control or Controlling the Mind? Mental Control is choosing the topics you will entertain, contemplate, or think about, in any given moment. Controlling the Mind is choosing, akin to a mental in-breath, where you direct and maintain the focus of your tool – the mind. Gently but firmly holding it on the […]

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Gem – The Essential Need for Heart Awakening

Without an Awakened Heart and Living Embodiment of its qualities, the further one develops, the greater their risk of falling into the Dark Path. As one masters their incarnate vehicle; their body, emotions, and mind; their sensory appetites, feelings and desires, and thought life respectively; and, at the same time, they awaken their Heart –

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Quote – Esoteric Definition of Initiation

“[Initiation] is a gradual unfoldment of the spirituality within a being in a wholistic manner and becomes increasingly exponential in its momentum, allowing the inner person (or Deity) to expand and embrace the outer Universe, till eventually there is no distinction between the two. Initiation concerns the stages of being awakened to increasingly more expanded states

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