On Mental Control

What is Mental Control or Controlling the Mind?

Mental Control is choosing the topics you will entertain, contemplate, or think about, in any given moment. Controlling the Mind is choosing, akin to a mental in-breath, where you direct and maintain the focus of your tool – the mind. Gently but firmly holding it on the chosen topic, with the exclusion of all other topics.

Control also includes the mental out-breath cycle, where we release the held focus, letting the mind wander, and thus, allow space for processing or digesting, as well as random spontaneous thoughts, intuitions, and insights to appear.

There are also mini-breath cycles within the larger ones. During an in-breath of focusing, we can hold the precise focus for a period, and then release it a little, to make space for unexpected insights within the chosen topic – essentially, conscious focalised daydreaming – creating space to receive thoughts from outside the limits of our own minds.

Mental Control is when the in-breath, the out-breath, and mini-breath cycles are done at our conscious choosing, which eventually leads us to Mental Mastery, or complete mastery of the incarnate self.

Out-Breath and Connection

Successful mental control must include the out-breath cycles – no one can hold their breath forever – and the mind needs rest from control and time for greater connection. The wise know this, and plan it in.

Mental Control is not a rigid separative lifelessness; we do not live in a vacuum. We must allow space for interfacing with our higher selves, which are at-oned with all higher selves. Hence, if we are a conscious person, we choose to make space for the wisdom of our shared interdependent oneness – from the higher collective consciousness – from the Kingdom of Souls, beyond the lower personality realms.

On Inner Plane Connections

If we have cultivated the skills through several lifetimes, we can also open our minds to spiritual guidance from beyond the Soul level. We can reach up to and connect with the great enlightened beings within the higher inner realms we call Masters of Wisdom and their High Initiated Disciples. This ability is still undeveloped in most humans, but is worthy of aspiring to, via pure and selfless-service-based motives. And it is a truly valuable pursuit, as without this higher striving, when we let go to out-breath, the mind collapses in on itself, and falls into and runs its default settings, the mental-emotional programs within our lower nature.

With the above statement, I am not referring to contact with those commonly called “guides”, deceased relatives, or ancestors, as they all dwell within the astral plane (or on rare occasion the lower mental plane) and are therefore within the realms of our personality vehicles, not beyond, and verily, do not constitute “spiritual” contacts. Though they may still, on occasion, have and offer rudimentary insights of basic value.

The best source for higher contact is via the Soul, or before true Soul Contact has been achieved, with our allies from the Devic or Angelic Kingdom.

But bear in mind that all communications from inner plane contacts (including from our Higher Self) will be filtered through our mental and emotional auras, and therefore, distorted according to the quality or density of our thoughts and feelings therein. And let us not forget the condition of our brain, and whether, what does manage to pass through our auras, is impressed within it with any accuracy whatsoever. By this I mean, is the brain dulled by alcohol, lowered in vibration through consuming animal products, fractured through use of drugs – natural or chemical, manipulated with technology, or is it exhausted from continual sensory stimulation? Or is your brain in great condition, due to pure healthful living, and the avoidance of all the many things that can affect it?

Practice with Mental Control, built upon a solid bedrock of Emotional Control, will create the best chance for accurate higher guidance to make its way within the Personality Self with clarity and usefulness.

Tools for Transformation

Before control of the mind is possible, we must gain some control over our emotions, and clean up some of our habits at the form level. Anywhere we have low-vibrational patterns at play will lower our vibration and make it far harder to gain and hold gentle control, which is a high-vibrational task. True control works from Above-Down, as opposed to using brute force from Below-Up, which can lead to suppression, eventually followed by explosive outbursts as that which has been blocked breaks free.
Controlled expression is built from balance and wisdom, not force.

Therefore, we want to take stock of our daily habits, and question if they are genuinely aligned to our higher good, or if we are making excuses to stay stuck and stagnating in patterns of comfort.

We want to look at our emotions, strive to see if we are reactionary or easily triggered, and if we are suffering from attachment or uncontrolled desire. If so, we must work to liberate ourselves. We do this through seeking and assessing the thoughts and beliefs that are the causality for that which we are feeling. Again, we do not seek to suppress the emotions, but to welcome and experience them, in a conscious controlled way, so we are not swept into unconscious actions, or usually, reactions.

A note of clarity… Despite the beliefs of some, who sadly, have been misguided by well-meaning but not-yet-clear teachers, thought always precedes emotion. However, sometimes the thought can be from the subconscious mind or deep beliefs, and therefore, can be easy to miss at the conscious level. And rare is the person who is so self-aware that they could perceive every thought that passes through their minds – especially as thought travels instantaneously into, and triggers, the person’s emotions, which immediately lowers their vibration and drags their consciousness from the mind, down into the emotional level. This will block clear sight at the mental level.

We then want to take a good hard look at our minds directly. To assess what our values and ethics truly are. And to ensure that our actions in life are all consciously in alignment with the principles we hold as truth. We can achieve a fair amount of integrity with our regular consciousness, but to gain full control over the lower mind, requires access to and functioning within the higher or abstract mind, and eventually the Soul. We need to be identified with and as our True or Higher Self, for it is only with the Wisdom of The Ages that we can hope to master the glamour-producing emotions and illusion-creating aspect of the mind.

All this Self-Work is essential, but we must achieve it without becoming Self-Focused. That is, whilst maintaining awareness and functionality within our Hearts – which are ever focused on the Greatest Good for All.

To Clear Mind
Azure Seer

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