Gem – Is Procreation Your Best Offering?

The product of a relationship doesn’t have to be children 

It is no great accomplishment to create dense physical bodies that simply add to the burden on earth’s natural resources. In fact, any unconscious person can generally achieve this level of creation!

Perhaps therefore, you could consider Aiming Higher.

Perhaps the product of your union and co-creation could be, a group focused on helping animals or the environment, an organisation motivated by benevolence and reducing suffering, a demonstration of relational lovingkindness or clear and kind communication (if you yourselves can actually achieve this), or even simply, a Heart-Based Business.

If you are drawn to a deeper focus, perhaps you could use your combined energy to work subjectively, in engaged meditation, to help clear the evil and darkness from the planet – combined with anchoring more Love and Light.

Some Conscious Discernment

Like consciously, well-raised children, each of the above foci could “leave your mark on the world” – if this is what motivates you, like it appears to motivate many who choose to procreate. But, quite frankly, considering how hit and miss it is with raising children – success being measured by bringing a compassionate, well-balanced, and selfless human into being – perhaps these other offerings have greater or higher value to humanity. At least they are not going to be a burden, like some folk may be considered – taking “whatever they can get” and giving little to nothing in return.

Of course, the creation of a benevolent organisation does not rule out having and raising kind-hearted children – it is not necessarily an either-or consideration. That said, often people fail in their creations due to trying to do too much. A common problem in the modern world! And we know just how much time, money, and attention children actually require – especially if raised consciously.

My suggestion…
Consider All aspects of what you and your partner “bring to the world.” Especially, have a thorough and objective look at your combined skills, values, and motives, and choose a creation that you genuinely have a good chance of doing well!

To Conscious Creation
Azure Seer

For more on this topic, see my Gem Post: Partners and Procreation are Not Your Purpose!

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