Why did I create this blog?

I have been told for decades by people that “I get great value from your words”. That “your words inspired profound positive changes within me”.
And I have also been told “your words really triggered and challenged me. But once I worked through my reactions – and really opened to what you were saying – the new insights that came up truly helped me to let go of some seriously limiting patterns!”

Often these statements were followed by encouragement to write and share on the Internet, or to write a Book, create a Course etc… To “get yourself out there, so others can get the same value I have gotten.”

I would say therefore, that I have created this blog because I finally feel ready to share in this greater forum.

What is its purpose?

Perhaps in answer I will share a little about each of the Categories I have on offer:

  • I write Articles from my studies and direct observation.
    These posts are all about The Living Path, or Living on The Path.
    As esoteric principles and cosmology are deep and often confusing, my posts are offered in such a way as to facilitate ease of understanding and living application of esoteric spirituality.
    These posts are most certainly not going to be a repository of all the esoteric teachings in the world – there are places and teachers one can seek for them – when ready.
    I also explore day-to-day topics (so-called) from an esoteric perspective. I look at the deeper and vaster aspects of topics that are often only explored at the surface level, if at all. And of course, I co-measure everything against the qualities of the Heart.
    So these articles can be quite revelatory, but are just as likely to really challenge some people’s entrenched beliefs – both mundane and so-called sacred!

  • I write and share what I call Gems. These are juicy little nuggets of pithy insight, seed thoughts, or concepts – with the intention to really get you thinking beyond your comfort bubble. 

  • I compose and share Questions. Generally these are more abstract and less personal. I write often (in my Articles), about the power of questions, and their value when walking the path of awakening and self-mastery. These Questions posts are “especially useful questions” one can ask – to trigger an almost instantaneous shift in consciousness.

  • I share Mantras I have written. Sometimes these have a very specific intent, like invoking support, sometimes they are more like poetry, with the intention to shift and lift one’s focus back to Joy or the Heart. Others could be seen more as Blessings, and some perhaps even considered Rituals.

  • I write about My Journey, sharing insights from my direct personal experience.
    In these I am very open – embodying raw authenticity, as best I am able. I share what is going on for me, and all the exploration and insights I have garnered… which usually leads to me writing some words and questions of broader appeal. 
    I believe there is genuine value in hearing other people’s personal struggles, joys, and lives on the path.

  • The last category is Quotes. I share great quotes that really inspire me, or cause me to stop and reflect. There have been some monumental thinkers on this planet – whose visions and insights have been deeply penetrating. These people, often unpopular at the time, have moved society forward despite itself! So it is worthy to take a peek into their perceptions as a part of who we are.

  • And finally, I have one post that is sticky – in that it remains at the top of the blog. It is called “How to engage with this blog”. It’s purpose is to let all who arrive here know, that this blog “may or may not be for them”… in that what follows could be very triggering for some folks.
    I unpack seven points about the best mindset and consciousness to bring here – in order to get the greatest value from this blog. Likely you have already read it, before coming to this page – so I will not labour the point. Except to add that it is an introduction to the type of behaviour I expect of all those who choose to interact via comments or direct contact.

Why have I chosen a Phoenix as my motif?

Now this is an exciting question to respond to!

The story of the Phoenix is that it lives, dies, and is reborn again from its own ashes. That is to say, that which destroys its outer manifested form, provides the perfect conditions (the ashes) from which it can reappear in all its splendour once more. 
You may have heard that tired expression: “That which doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger”. While I believe there is truth in these words – what about transmutation? What about those types of changes that are so vast and complete that they require destruction and rebirth? What about Spiritual Alchemy??

It is these types of changes that most inspire me – even though they are usually appalling and painful to the personality self.
When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, when a child becomes an adult, when a human being becomes a being human! When the selfish become selfless, when those engendering harm, become an embodiment of the greatest of all values – Harmlessness! This is profound and deeply inspiring to me.

Q: What are the circumstances that create the perfect conditions for this level of transmutational change to occur?

Q: How exactly do we create the ash to re-birth anew, to become a living embodiment of the Great Light Beings we are!?

These two questions also inspire me deeply. And so it seemed obvious that as one journeys the path to discovering and uncovering their Authentic Self, that blazing being of tremendous creative power, no symbol better captured this focus – than the Phoenix!
I hope my personally drawn phoenix captures some of the potency, beauty and movement of this majestic creature.

Some final thoughts…

It is my hope that through this collection of written words, a person can expand the reach of their consciousness!

Personally, I believe our thoughts create our experience of reality; and that “suffering starts and ends in the mind”. So releasing limiting thought patterns and beliefs, and cultivating new, more true, more expansive, more liberating thoughts, knowledge and patterns, can go a long way towards freeing us from suffering!

The other side of this equation is deep, still, inner meditation – with the goal of direct experience, fusion with and embodiment of our Higher Nature.

Together, the mastering of our minds, combined with awakening Capital L Love, via opening to the Vastness we truly are… paves the most direct path to awakening, self-mastery and eventually Full Enlightenment.

This said – my words here, my fiery contemplations, may not resonate with everyone! Nor do they need to.

I would follow this by adding: If you’re not interested in fiery illumination or deep exploration of potentially challenging concepts… If you are not ready or excited to pull apart and truly look at your cherished and/or limiting beliefs – Move Right Along – this is not the blog for you!

Here there is no topic off-limits from deep and fiery investigation!
This is a place where one’s Authentic Blaze – usually buried beneath lifetimes of limiting programming, serious attachments, and huge emotional investments – it is our goal to uncover.

Here I will explore it all – ever seeking the Heart Based Ways beneath the deluge of mind, emotion, and projections of deeply-invested-in personal beliefs that people everywhere broadcast with energetic sting!
I will be ever striving to help free you from the bondage of societal ignorance, and open the Way to the Heart – so that together, as blazing, authentic, embodied Souls, we can create a truly luminous and Heart Based Culture.

Let’s Dive In!

“Let the Clear Cold Reason of the Heart Prevail!”

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