Gem – Partners and Procreation are Not Your Purpose!

Gem Category Image in LimePurpose is found in Giving and in Heart-Based Meaning-Making

The purpose of life is not “to find a partner”! The purpose of your life is not procreation!
These things may be a part of your journey, but they are not necessary for a full and meaningful life – therefore they are not the meaning and purpose of life.

You are whole, not a half. You are not missing any parts that require “retrieval.” You are not broken, though your Personality Self may indeed have some unhelpful patterns within it that require healing. But “You” are not your Personality – not your body, your emotions, nor your concrete mind!
“You” are whole and complete. This is what it means to be a human being – One Complete Soul in One Body.
Esoterically understood, this stage of evolution occurs when a Soul is sufficiently advanced that it can incarnate into the complex form we identify as a Human Being – and this is called Individuation.

The Heart is Awakened through Higher Group Consciousness

Yes, it is wonderful to walk the journey of life with another by your side, and there are Many lessons one can learn through this level of relationship – but it can be just as rewarding to walk and grow with close friends, and certainly Purpose can be found and fulfilled without a partner. Purpose is all about giving, not getting.

And yes, for many, having children or pets fulfils some biological desires for companionship and meaning in life – but so does working with a group, in service towards making the world a better place.

Meaningful and fulfilling relationships come from intimacy, not sex. They are forged through Higher Group Consciousness, Vulnerability, Trust, and Love… all of which can be created with others, without jumping into bed and practising baby-making!

It is true there are instincts within our forms, and one of those is “coupling.” But at the very beginning of the spiritual path, we strive not to be controlled by our lower nature, and our biological instincts are the lowest drivers we have! This does not mean choosing to have 1 or 2 children is a limitation, there are Many lessons to be learned through conscious parenting.
However, the product of a coupling can be a Divine Child, in the form of a Heart-Based Business, or Charitable Venture for example.

When we as beings have evolved sufficiently to become consciously focused on Genuine Spiritual Awakening and seeking Enlightenment, it is a sign that we have made great strides in our recent past lives in the mastery of body, emotions, and mind. To be the master of them, rather than slave to our biology, our desires, and our concrete minds.

This means consciously choosing Heart-Based Relationships, based upon clear spiritual reasoning, and not purely because of attraction, instincts, desire, or distorted concepts that you as a being are lacking and not whole!

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