Reflections on Chaos and Harmony

Chaos and Disharmony are indications of Imbalance requiring Peaceful Resolution

These energetic paradigms are indicators that we have previously set things in motion that have upset the balance of our world, and hence the universe. The universe exists in the natural state of complete equilibrium. This is managed by what we call the Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – which re-establishes full equilibrium.

Via the process of growth and evolution we learn through our “mistakes”, through the effects of upsetting the harmony and equilibrium of Life. We make choices and act upon them, thence reaping what we sow. Therefore through the consequences of pain or freedom, contraction or expansion, we learn, grow and evolve – this is all part of the natural mathematical order of the universe.

When we, with our Free Will, make choices that support our expansion and awakening, even if uncomfortable at the time, we can feel our harmonious alignment with the Divine – though sometimes this can be difficult to perceive. When we make choices that cause us to shrink, separate, cause pain to self or others, and remain in low-vibrational consciousness – that is, when we choose not to be guided by Universal Love; we shift away from Harmony, Order and Peace. Then, as we learn from our experiences of disharmony or pain, we slowly but surely rise into higher levels of vibration and greater awareness.

The more incarnations we live through, the more learning and growth we achieve – we gradually work through and master gross forms of pain-making, towards ever more refined and nuanced forms of pain. This process could be summed up as the journey of balancing and harmonising all levels of disordered imbalance and disharmony. The greater our awareness, the greater our skill as a conscious agent in harmonising the imbalances caused through our collective journey of growth and evolution.

How does Destruction relate to Evolution and Evil?

Destruction is a natural part of growth and evolution. The old must be destroyed to make way for the new. Growth and evolution never stops, therefore death and decomposition will always be necessary. Be that the destruction and decay of outdated concepts, of cultures, of archaic religious practices, of our personal relationships, the personal identities we have outgrown, and of course eventually our bodies themselves. All of this is natural and correct when done in the right way, at the right time, and fully contained within Love. But destruction can also be forced, in the wrong way, at the wrong time and therefore create chaos, cruelty and suffering.

Some folk believe that “chaos” is a natural part of the destruction cycle, however this is incorrect.
The apparent chaos within natural cycles of destruction is actually ordered and following very specific universal laws – it only appears chaotic to those who do not truly see. There is still perfect mathematical order to the resistance and reaching of the tipping points of change. Right destruction is carried out by particular orders of Deva, who never deviate from Divine Law – who are bound by Divine Love.

Humans with their Free Will, can however, force destruction in the most disharmonious and chaotic of ways. This the ancient Atlanteans discovered for themselves through manipulating Devas of Great Power, and thereby unleashing cataclysmic and chaotic destruction upon themselves. Of course this too has led to great lessons – many of which we are still trying to master as we tread very close to recreating the same materialistic avarice and lust for power that ended that civilisation!

For destruction to be a part of the Divine Plan of Evolution, it must be contained within the parameters of the Heart. Whenever it is not bound by Love, the destruction becomes part of what we experience as Darkness! Destruction, during what should be a cycle of growth, is one definition of Pure Evil.
Forcing, controlling and limiting others when it is correct for them to be expansively inspired, is another. In fact any time we try and force our Will onto others is an Act of Heartless Evil. If we feel or believe others need to change, the Heart Based Way to achieve this is through Expansive Inspiration.
Evil is the application of natural law at the wrong time, or for selfish gain – which is always at the cost of others or the natural world. As clearly demonstrated at the end of the Atlantean Epoch!

Exploring the Transmutative Journey of Harm to Harmony.

Chaos, disorder and disharmony in one’s outer world are a reflection of the same within them. These patterns can appear in obvious gross forms, but also in extremely subtle ones that are difficult for some folk to perceive. When we manifest these imbalanced conditions, unless we deal with and heal them, the prevailing conditions reinforce our inner patterns, which then manifest even greater discord in our life and world. Thus a self-perpetuating pattern of chaos and pain ensues.
This is easily observable with gross forms of harm-making, but is also true with the subtle unnoticed forms.

Just because you are personally unaware of the deleterious effects of chaos and disorder, does not mean they are not affecting you, others and the environment in general. Lack of awareness of the subtleties does not negate their effects, it just evidences a consciousness that is more focused on gross patterns – oblivious therefore to the more subtle nuances.

If you are a person like most, who lacks subtle awareness within your body, a slowly destructive cancer will only draw your attention when it gets to the stage of extreme chaotic destruction. This means it was causing harm the whole time, but you simply did not notice all the subtle warning signs.

Just like with all chaos and disharmony. Despite you not being aware of it, or not being consciously affected by it – it is still causing you harm. For those of us who have awareness of subtle nuances, we do feel the disharmony in the space and are affected by it – we feel and see the effects in our consciousness.
If you are one of those less aware folks, then you have likely decided chaos and disharmony is “not important” because you do not register the negative effects. But this does not, will not, protect you from the energies of chaotic disharmony. You will just be oblivious of the true cause and effect at work in your life.

Simply deciding disharmony is not a problem, does not make it so.
You are not truly separate – what happens to the planet affects the island! All limiting patterns in your environment will indeed affect you – even if you lack the ability to see that it’s happening!

Certainly “Deciding” something is “not a problem”, will create a relative sense of Peace within you – and yes, this will have positive effects for you, but only up to a point.
This paradigm can be seen as the same as deciding copious amounts of alcohol consumption is not a problem, and then you die from liver failure.
Or deciding lots of childhood trauma is not a problem – “the past is the past” – and yet you keep sabotaging your happiness, your entire life.
Or you actively cultivate a disrespect and uncaring for the impact of your behaviours and choices on others – and then the world responds with cold disrespect for you.

You get back what you give out!

The Truth is Revealed When you are Ready to See It!

All of these principles and subtleties matters – they are important and have value.

Being intoxicated and dysfunctional doesn’t matter, until you see the value in being sober and functional.
Being disrespectful and inconsiderate doesn’t matter, until you see the value in respect and consideration.
Organising chaos and balancing disharmony will not matter to you – until you see the background stress and detrimental effects they cause, until you can see the value in order and harmony!

When you are ready, the deeper truth will stand revealed for you to see, and then these new perceptions will matter to you, and they will have value in how you live and experience your life.

Until a person has this awakening of insight – dysfunctional drinking, low self-worth, near enough is good enough, uncaring disrespect, lack of personal responsibility, and believing you are undeserving of harmony and beauty – or whatever other patterns – will all be “okay” to them. They will all be acceptable in their life!

We only recognise violence is unacceptable when we come to see and value Harmlessness and Peace.

The Outer Reflects the Inner – The Gross Covers the Subtle

What is true at a gross level is also true in arenas more subtle – even if we are not yet aware of them. This Awakening of Perception and Awareness is the nature of growth and evolution.
The objective outer world is a reflection of the subjective inner world.
We all have areas where we are more and less aware.
We grow when we take notice of the awareness of others, who have more refined senses where we are lacking.

Chaos and Disharmony causes harm. It may not be obvious to most, but this lack of awareness doesn’t stop the harm, it just evidences lack of awareness.

Should the gross not seek the subtle?
Should the blunt instrument not seek to be sharpened?
Should the caterpillar not seek to become the butterfly?
Should the coal not seek to become the diamond?
The course, unrefined human, to become pristine and refined?
The Personality to become a living embodiment of the Soul?
And all Darkness to become Luminescent once more?

Of course they should – for this is the pull of evolution. This is the natural progression of all life, of all existence. To fight or deny it, is foolishness in the utmost.

Be aware you are likely not seeing the full picture. That there are subtle details you are missing, and so your beliefs around any given thing are not the complete Truth. Strive therefore to see beyond the gross low-vibrational limitations to your observations. Open to awareness and perceptions more refined, subtle and nuanced. Just striving to do so is already a step of self-empowerment!

Tools for Transformation

Power Questions to help open the way:

What am I not seeing that would help to deepen my comprehension in life, of life?
What deeper levels of chaos, discord and disharmony am I not seeing?
What causative patterns am I not noticing?
What is happening beyond my usual perceptions, deeper than I normally see?
What does true order and harmony feel like and look like?
How can I bring even greater harmony into my life?
What can I do differently, to create greater order and peace, within myself, my environment and my life?
What does full and genuine peace and harmonic order feel like and look like?

These power questions should put you well on the path to being open to perceptions you usually do not see, or at least the possibility of this. They should also deepen your experience of, and relationship to, Harmony, Order and Peace.

In Deeper Sight

Azure Seer

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