Mantra – Dedication to Service

This Mantra is one I wrote about 4 years ago. Its intention is mainly as the title indicates, to dedicate myself and life to Service. However it has many deeper layers than this.

The first line refers to the Kingdom of Souls, that luminous realm where all Souls are connected as one.
Next it focuses on the principle of surrendering as a Personality to one’s Soul – the Soul being in fact the source of life for the Personality self.

The Soul is also our main source of that which we call Love, and it is this Soul Love that we who walk the path wish to awaken and empower within us – such that we in fact become a living sun of Soular Light.

Then once we have achieved the Soul Fusion, we make our commitment.
These two lines are the Official Motto of my spiritual group, but are also Universal in nature… as you can bring your own interpretation of how to embody each in life.

And we complete this mantra with a statement of its intention being so!

Dedication to Service

In Kingdom luminous, within mighty hall
I commit my energy to Serve the All.
Thus standing tall, as a bastion I call
To my Soular Self, I now befall
Unto my knees to be as one
In complete surrender, unto my Sun.

The source of Life and vitality
The very reason that I be.
And being thus, in true surrender
I fill with Love, I fan the ember
Unto a blaze, and thus I come
Into my birthright as a Sun!

And standing thus, I now commit:
To Seek. Surrender. To Sanctify.
Master Self. To Serve. Living Simplified!

Thus I commit all energy I receive.
In gratitude thus – So let it be!

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