The Power of Conscious Choice and Attraction

Every choice we make either opens or closes a door

Opening new doors leads to new experiences and new possibilities – the changes which are essential to growth and evolution.

Without change, it is like living inside a house full of closed doors. This may allow for the comfort of the familiar, but with this comes stagnation!

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”
Namely a life going round in circles within a locked-up house. Depressing.

Instead, we could ask this: What else is possible?

You could choose to recognise New Opportunities as “Happening For You and Through You”, see them as doors worthy of opening, and embrace them – despite the discomfort of the unfamiliar, and necessary change!

In the end it becomes apparent to us – we make time for that which is important to us – in fact we are even willing to “move mountains” for such things, despite the hard work. However, if we do not embrace the new, open and walk through the doors that appear, it simply means our comfort bubble is more important than the possibilities of growth and evolution.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the familiar comfort, it is just a choice. But like all choices, it will bring its natural consequences.

If we want growth, we need change!

Sometimes the changes we need are small, but sometimes we need to sacrifice – to let go of places, people, objects and even identities – in order to create space for the new.

If you are 100% satisfied with yourself and your life, and you want them to remain just as they are, you might not want to seek the new or open new doors. At least for a while. Eventually you will need to embrace change though, as the world will keep changing, growing and moving forward. If you do not keep apace, at first you will just stagnate, but eventually it will mean you’re going backwards, relative to the forward progression around you.

If you recognise you are not thriving, and you want things to be better… perhaps embracing change, opening doors to doing life differently, or even a leap of faith is exactly what you need.

The Law of Attraction can keep you stuck!

The Law of Attraction means we attract more of what we empower within ourselves – that like attracts like.

This means if we are closed and attached to our comfort, new possibilities will completely pass us by. They simply will not be drawn to us. Then as we approach our death, we will look back and justify our unremarkable life by saying I never had the same opportunities as others. But this is not truth, it is a narrative to make ourselves feel better. For people attract opportunities through being truly open to the new, through letting go of stale traditions, and through being prepared to take a risk and leap from their comfort bubble into the unknown!

If you want to grow, you must be open to discomfort. You must conquer any fear of the unknown and be prepared to stand alone in the herd. To go against the flow as it were, for this is how it will feel initially.
You will be embracing a state of expansive openness within, but as there is a lag time between inner change and outer manifestation; your world without will most likely be at odds with your new focus within. You will feel like you are being bombarded by all the reasons and proof that your new focus is wrong. It will be like a maelstrom – for a while.

We attract “proof” to support our limitations

Yes, it is completely true that whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you are right. But it goes further than this. The power of the human mind is so great that if we believe something to be true, we will attract to us every form of so-called proof to reinforce our beliefs! One of the most notable forms are books.

People often say books appear at just the right time, to give them essential information needed at that moment. And I agree.

However, our Hearts and Higher Selves are not the only magnetic force at work within us!
Our lower selves and limiting or destructive beliefs have similar abilities. “Like attracts like” does not discriminate! Therefore, if you dwell in darkness, if you energise dark patterns long enough, you will draw to you books and articles written or influenced by dark beings, which will reinforce your dark and limited beliefs. The longer the time you dwell therein, the greater degree or volume of proof will be on its way to you.

Therefore, when information appears in our world, it is up to us to determine with clarity, if it has been drawn to us for our liberation and advancement, or to reinforce and perpetuate a limiting belief!

Our self-created reinforcement goes even further than information

Like vibration attracts like vibration – on all levels. Just as we attract books and information, we also attract people and chance encounters.

As our repeatedly entertained thoughts trigger our emotions, which in turn impacts the behaviours we choose day-to-day, we create experiences that embody our limiting, dark beliefs and narratives. As a result, we attract people who are the epitome of the habits aligned to our entrenched psychology. Once we are surrounded by the outer reflection and direct experience of these mental patterns, they become self-perpetuating, as there’s nothing quite like “experience” to prove and reinforce “what we always knew was true”! Lol Humans!

We can use our magnetic force consciously

If we are conscious evolution focused, and dwell upon thoughts aligned to higher Heart Based Truth; if we embrace a willingness towards opening new doors, as a state of mind; we can also draw information and people that challenge us to grow, that stretches us beyond our comfort zones, rather than only that which reinforces where we currently are.

Diving deeper….
If we have taken a leap, or opened doors to the new, and while the maelstrom of conflict between our inner and outer worlds is present… we can draw to us support and reinforcement to help counter the manifestations of the old. But we need to recognise these supports, and this can be tricky because the new patterns within us, which these supports are in magnetic resonance with, will not yet be our dominant patterns. The supports will be resonating with our inner minority, within the deluge of our inner majority.

Therefore, how do we know if what is drawn in, is reflecting a limitation, or is support simply at odds with our old paradigm?

Support doesn’t always look or feel like support!

As growth always means change, that which we most need in our evolutionary journey will rarely be comfortable. Sometimes support comes in the form of that which kicks us out of the nest, because our fear of the unknown can be preventing us from taking the needed leap. So along comes just what we need… a mighty boot in the booty!

This will be in the dense physical if we have missed or actively avoided taking mental action and changed our minds. If we have failed to recognise the thoughts that are keeping us trapped, but if we are blessed with the right karma, a liberating change will be forced upon us. Though usually we just remain stuck.

If I presume however that all of you reading this prefer to be the conscious chooser in your life, you know that the support you truly need is always offered at the mental level first.

The greater the opportunity, usually the greater the degree of change required.

Liberation from programmed, limiting beliefs can take quite some work to shift. We attract through intention really good information and people that opens our awareness to greater truths, and at the same time, directly challenges our most entrenched and limiting beliefs – the ones we are most attached to, those that we are deeply invested in, and that keep us going round in circles.

Any that have experienced a degree of liberation from limitation will know that great change brings great turbulence, so we must gird our loins, fortify our foundation, and have faith in ourselves to weather the discomfort of the maelstrom period. We do this through being able to recognise the note of support, despite its appearance or discomfort-creating effect.

Tools for Transformation

How do I react to new possibilities? Is this reaction helpful or hindering?
Can I see that everything is happening For me and Through me? If not, why not? What is stopping me from claiming the power of my human birthright, as a conscious creator?

Am I scared of change? Have I judged change as inherently bad?
What opportunities am I too fearful to embrace?

Can I tell the difference between tough support and reflected limitations?
Am I addicted and attached to my comfort bubble?

What areas of my life feel stuck and limited? What are the thoughts I need to believe, for this to be manifest in my life?
What other thoughts and beliefs do I have that are actively holding me back?

If you sit with and answer these Power Questions, you will create far greater self-awareness and a list of things you can work on.

All power to you!

Azure Seer

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