My Journey – Personality Resistance to Soul

The Personality Self is naturally resistant to fusing with the Soul!

Recently I realised I have been experiencing a subtle but deep kind of fear, or resistance, to Turning Within. It is like an existential fear, akin to the fear of losing oneself completely. Due to my consciousness being anchored beyond my Personality, I had the objectivity to recognise this was emanating from within my Personality Self.

Sitting within the Soul that I am, radiating vast enveloping Love, and welcoming my Personality to simply surrender to this Love; I explained this will lead to a life of far less negative consequences, and far more positive effects. Even so, I could still felt an uneasy sense of resistance within my smaller self – like being enveloped in warm, positive-life-creating Love, was not enough.
I could feel that my Personality would rather focus anywhere else but here, within this Love.

I didn’t feel like there was anything I could say, any product of my mind or logic that would convince this self to just surrender to the greater self I Am. And on top of that, I felt the very act or process of trying to do so, was itself a distraction.

Directly investigating and observing…

As is my practice, I chose to directly investigate what was happening, now I could see the unease within my Personality Vehicle.

This is what came up:
When I hold my focus on and towards my deeper self, it creates a sense of tightness and constriction.
However, as soon as I shift my focus onto the questions: “What do others need? How can I be of greater service?” Instantaneously, it is like breathing out with a huge sigh of relief. All of the tension and restriction vanishes and a gentle openness appears!

The very act of turning my awareness within and upwards to my deeper or higher self, is still a type of separating self-focus, with all of its inherent limitations. Why? Because it is a focus from Below-up, which therefore anchors and keeps me trapped within the ring-pass-not of my Personality! One has to be anchored within their Personality in order to experience separation from their True or Higher Self. In contrast, the Soul is ever connected to all within the Kingdom of Souls, and knows no separation.

So, as soon as I shift my attention onto “the needs of others”, it flips my focus, and I Am my Higher Self – automatically. I am instantly standing within my greater self with all of its resources available, looking and working now from Above-down.

No matter the reason for focusing upon oneself, in Any Way, or at Any Level, this anchors one’s awareness into the Separate Personality – at least for another period of time.
Comparatively, the simple act of shifting my attention onto the genuine needs of Others, which feels like an outward rather than inward focus, actually, and paradoxically, anchors me in and as my True Self!

In saying this, I am not implying that all focus upon oneself is bad, not at all, some is Very necessary.
And I am also not implying what I experience through simply shifting my focus will be true for all others, or at all stages of their evolutionary journey – this will take more investigation to determine.
But it is true for me, at this moment in time.

Your Practices Reveal Your Reality

In truth, only a person whose consciousness is still anchored within their Personality Self, would have cause to “turn within”, to look to their Higher Self. Because they experience themselves as their Personality, with a Higher Self. Only a person who knows intellectually that they are an Incarnate Soul, but does not yet embody this as a living reality, would have any reason for such a practice.

Whereas once a person has shifted their sense of self, the anchor of their identity, from all aspects of their incarnate self, to the Soul or Spirit as Self – once all layers of the Personality Identity have been stripped away – the person is then living the higher reflection of “turning in the seat of their consciousness”, they are now a being seated in their Soul, focusing outwards into the field of service! And such a being is connected to the Higher planes of perception, and higher aspects of Self, at all times.
Such a one has cleared all the necessary obstacles, and has access to all the needed tools for their work. To keep working to do what is already done is to affirm immaturity or stupidity, and therefore throw all of one’s power away, through repeatedly embracing what is now for them kindergarten consciousness! It sets up a self-perpetuating loop of creating unnecessary obstacles in order to clear them. And the life-work, the Soul’s Purpose, gets blocked.

Looking at this Energetically

Once the consciousness is anchored within the Higher Self, to try and turn within in the usual manner, energising a reality that is no longer true, is like crossing wires in an electrical circuit, it causes a short out. One receives an energetic shock which can ricochet the conscious awareness back within the Personality Self. And the process of reintegrating as an Incarnate Soul must begin again. A true waste of time and energy.

Your Identity will reveal if you are truly Soul Fused.

At this stage you may find these questions arise:
How do I know if I have shifted the anchor of my consciousness into the Soul?
How do I know if the setbacks I experience are the result of never having achieved this, or are due to ricocheting short circuits?

A simpler question will reveal the likelihood: Do you identify as any of the aspects of your incarnate self?
Male/Man, Female/ Woman. Straight/Heterosexual, Gay/Homosexual, or Bisexual? As your Nationality or Race?
Do you seek to embody Women’s or Men’s Power? Do you identify by the Colour of your hair, or your skin? By the Job or Profession you work? Your position within your family, as a Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, etc?

There is Nothing inherently wrong with Any of these labels and roles, they are of course very useful in life… unless they form part of your Identity – unless you are identified with them as Self! As they anchor your consciousness into your dense physical sheath – cutting you off from your Higher Self – and showing you most clearly that you Have Not shifted and anchored your consciousness into and as your Soul or Spirit.

Again there is nothing wrong with realising this, absolutely No Judgement Here, and you should definitely not judge yourself! We are all simply where we are at, on the path to Enlightenment. But the answers to this will clearly show you the answer!

To be clear, one does not arrive at Soul Consciousness through Denying their physical self, or through rejecting and trying to escape from their Personality – No!
We journey to the Soul, not away from the Personality. Soul-ar Consciousness is revealed as a perpetual state, after all the work of harmoniously integrating all aspects of the Personality has been achieved. Until that is complete, and once we are aspiring upwards, we will have moments to and fro between Personality and Soul Consciousness.

I will leave you with these Gems to contemplate…

The Higher Self that we are, will be found in the opposite direction to self-focus – as self-focus is separative in nature.
The Soul in contradistinction, is fully Group Conscious, and operates as a fully connected part of the Greater Whole – ever concerned with the true wellbeing, growth and evolution of All Souls.

We cannot embody the Selfless Self through focus on self!

In Higher Love

Azure Seer

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