Gem – Drug and Travel Addiction

Gem Category Image in LimeAre you Addicted to Perpetual Seeking without Embodiment and Application?

Travel and psychedelics opens one’s perception to a broader perspective – of this there is no doubt.

But there are questions that it is wise to ask:
How much is enough?
How much is too much?
When does travel or substance taking shift from helpful to harmful? Or useful to self-indulgent? *

Consider our Cycle of Growth

If you were to stay in kindergarten all your life, would you continue to grow as you did when you first arrived? How long do you need that level of experience? How useful as a being of service are you, if you continue to repeat the same experiences? When is the right time to change what you’re doing, and shift from broadening your perception into taking action? To really engage and apply your more expanded view?

This is likely different for each person, and something you would need to decide for yourself. It is not my place to set limits, or hard fixed rules. So let me instead offer some further thoughts to consider – for those who are consciously treading the Path of Awakening.

Questions for Clarity

Is continuous or frequent travel just a spiritually justified addiction?!
Are you using what was true at the start of your journey to justify your choices now… even though no doubt, you have grown immensely since then? Note: I am not speaking here of travel with genuine service as its causality, but travel with the justification that “travel broadens your perspective”.

When people take plant substances or psychedelics, to “open them up to a greater reality”… a session or two (for most) is truly enough – if needed at all, considering the inherent dangers! To continue to do so is not conducive to Awakening.
Travel is much the same.

There is undoubtedly value in broadening one’s view of the world through experiencing other places, other cultures, other non-physical realities. But when does one reach enough?
When has it changed to attachment, and from there, to addiction?
When is it time to knuckle down and deepen into using that expanded, broadened perspective?
When is a person ready to let go of preliminary experiences and master creating those broader deeper spaces within themselves… without the need for external substances or places?

If you do intend your experiences to consciously inform your actions…

Q: What are you doing with your expanded consciousness?
Q: Have you utilised it to the fullest before seeking more? If not, consider asking: What is truly driving my desires?
Q: Are you just addicted to having new experiences, but never following through with utilising them?

Attachments and Addictions often hide in plain sight… so be sure it is not these limiting patterns that are driving a perpetual seeking of new experiences you will never embody and apply in life.

To Freedom

Azure Seer

* I do not personally support the taking of psychedelic or other substances. To do so forces open chakras, and opens one to things they have no control over, which can in fact easily control them and cause harm – the opposite direction to True Awakening, Self-mastery, and Enlightenment.

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