Mantra – Elemental New Beginning


This Mantra is possibly more of a simple song, or poem even.

Its intention is to align a “new beginning” to some of the qualities of the lower four elements – air, fire, water, and earth. Starting with Clear Sight, and ending with deep Silent Bliss.

The elements are referenced in reverse order – from above down – as we create in this same manner.
Always from higher-vibrational reality down into lower-vibrational manifestation.

I use this as a simple Prayer of Mindful Presence. A beautiful way to re-centre myself in alignment with the elements. I linked it to “beginning anew”, because when I realise I am off-centre, ungrounded, or out of balance… I choose to take a deep breath and in essence “begin anew”, from that moment.

I hope this simple but beautiful Mantra can help re-centre and inspire you too.

Elemental New Beginning

In harmony, we begin anew
With pure air and clear sight true.

Awaken fire, we of sunlight
Ecstatic rhythms, transforming light.

Let our waters rain, cleansing forms
Embracing peace, maturity’s born.

Reflect within, silent, still
Bliss be in us, drink earth, fill.

Note: Obviously, if you are using this with a group of people, it is imperative you all have the same understanding of all of the concepts and Beings that are referenced. You can also use the group version “on behalf of” a group of people – in which case it is used as service to others, and relies only on your personal knowledge, understandings, and inner connections.

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