“What’s the Meaning of Life?”

People ask this question often. Along with its companion question: “What is My Purpose?”

I have heard it said that a Clear Purpose creates a Sense of Meaning in life. But perhaps it is the other way around. Living meaningfully, creates our Purpose – is our Purpose and Reason for Being.

In essence, our Purpose that creates Meaning is this:

  • To end and break free from all the patterns of limitation we have inherited from our ancestors – literally from within our families, collectively from within humanity as a whole, and also our own Karmic Patternings from our past lives. Thus redeeming substance from the Involutionary Arc.
  • To fix all the “problems” in the world, which our predecessors created from their own limited awareness, pain, and trauma they experienced – to at least “do our bit” towards this.

In the process of breaking free personally, we both clear or reduce some of the limiting patterns and dark energies from the planet; and we also have the opportunity to help relieve and reduce the suffering of others. As a result of these actions we have then created the opportunity for new lighter possibilities to appear on Earth.

Looking at this Energetically

From an energetic perspective, we have the chance of awakening the progressive consciousness of our higher chakras, above the diaphragm, and especially – we have the chance of awakening more of the Heart and therefore even Greater Love! For ever it is the goal to awaken more Love, and thus keep the manifestations from our other chakras balanced with Wisdom. For example… Power must always be counterbalanced by Love, or else it aberrates and manifests as darkness and malevolence!

Living meaningfully creates a deep sense of being “On Purpose”

To live meaningfully means to consciously live in alignment with your authentic values.
It means getting free enough from your inherited limitations, such that you can determine what your true values are, and then to gradually bring your life into alignment with, and embodiment of them – thus becoming a Beacon of Love and Light in the world, and indeed an Agent of Positive Change.

For as you set yourself free and allow yourself to embody Heart Based Values – you give all others permission to do so as well. And if you bring your embodied values into action – you are able to literally and actively help others do the same on their Life Path.

Thus, Living Meaningfully becomes your Purpose and deepens your Life of Meaning! Mmmmm

Values Are Always Positive!

Considering our Values are what underlie our beliefs and therefore choices in life, let us explore their nature.

Yes, authentic values are always good.

We do not “value” violence, pain, suffering, scarcity, isolation, being controlled or disempowered etc.
We do value joy, connectedness, empowerment, peace, good health, love, wisdom, beauty, abundance, freedom etc.

Our true values are always positive!

However like all “Principles”, how we interpret and apply them depends on our level of awakening to, and embodiment of, Love.

For example some unawakened folk may think that in order to have true Peace, “those” particular others all need to die; that everyone needs to agree and comply with the mainstream narrative; or for the majority to live peacefully, “diversity” must be eradicated!
This type of thinking Does Not Create Peace!
It is just an excuse for violence and manipulation – and is an absolute abuse of Human Dignity and Free Will.

Peace is linked to Freedom, but is dependent on deep abiding Harmlessness!
Until all people recognise and cease causing harm to themselves, to others, to the animals, and all of the natural world – we will Never know collective peace – Never!

Coming full circle… We can state:

Living a life dedicated to embodying Heart Based Values, creates a deep sense of meaning within your existence. The walking of this Path of meaning-making, and therefore a commitment to helping liberate others, becomes your Purpose!

However deep change and liberation from limitations takes time.

Evolution is Generally Slow

We must remember this at all times – even though systematic change can happen rapidly and radically if a tipping point is reached – it takes much time for an individual to get free from all of their inherited limitations, let alone a majority of humans necessary to create a tipping point.
The Great Masters who guide our evolution know this. All that they and our own Higher Selves hope for, is that we make some progress towards living as Love, in Action.

How do we live this Path?

Every time we choose Love over Fear.
Every time we choose kindness over cruelty; harmlessness instead of greed and base desires; expansive Heart Based Possibilities over contracting narrow-minded limitations – Yes, every time we choose genuine shared beauty instead of selfish ugliness, the world is moved forward. We get filled with a sense of Meaningful Purpose. Our Hearts fill to overflowing with Love. And we therefore help the world evolve.

Just to be clear – this does not equate to sentimental passivity and gushing emotion – No!

Love can be fiery, bold and assertive – often it needs to be.
Love can destroy old limitations as assuredly as it can nurture new growth.
Love is not a trite emotion!
It is the force that brought the Universe into being – it is the Universe, Being.
All is Love and Love is All – darkness, evil and limitation are just the lack of Love; the lack of Light. These “horrors” are just the nature of low-vibration, and from this we must all grow – into fully conscious embodiments of High-Vibrational Love and Light.

This is our Purpose – and that which creates Meaning in and for our lives.

Tools for Transformation

So how do we come to live a life of Meaningful Purpose?
An essential part of this extends from consciously knowing our authentic values.
For when we have them clearly in mind, we can always co-measure all of our choices and behaviours against them – thus ensuring true meaning in life.

Q: How do we know what we value?
Let’s find out… with this deep dive exercise.

You can do this process alone, but it is more effective if you can have a friend help out. Of course you can then swap roles, and thereby help each other get clear results.

Note: I would NOT do this with an Intimate Partner – as you will likely not feel free enough to answer absolutely truthfully – because most have much investment and therefore too much to lose, and so a deep level of unconscious censorship will be present!

To elicit your values, you need Questions.

The Exercise:

Turn on a voice recorder and have your friend ask you: “What is important to you?”
Your job is to list all of the things that come up in response, striving for single word or short phrase responses. Don’t think too hard, just go with whatever comes up. There are no wrong responses.

Whenever you hit a bit of a pause, your friend will then ask: “And what else is important to you?”

Keep going until you feel complete. Until you feel like you have run out of answers.
When done, transcribe all of your answers into a list.
Next arrange the list in order, from most important to least important.
There are no right or wrong is here either, just go with what comes up in the moment. Trust yourself.

You may notice that some items are really the same – two words that mean the same thing – so combine them into one entry, pick the word that feels most right.
Next look at each entry and ask yourself if it is a Principle, for example Love, Peace, or Freedom – looking for those that are not.

Focus on each of these Non-Principles, and have your friend ask you: “What will having this give you?”
Answer the question.
And then have them ask: “And what will having this give you?”
Keep deep diving until the item transmutes into a Principle – they always do. J

An example might be this:

One item on your list may be a parent or friend that is truly important to you.
When you explore what having them in your life gives you… You may answer Support or Friendship.
Then after the second question you may answer Love or Belonging – beautiful values for sure.
So you would now go back and replace the parent or friend with the Principle of Love or Belonging.

Once complete, you now have your List of Values. Yay!

How do you use this list?

So as not to overwhelm yourself, it is best to pick 2-3 that jump out at you, those that really make your Heart sing while thinking about them. Or simply choose a few that seem most important to you.

You would then make an inner commitment and oath to yourself – to do your best to change your life to live in accordance and alignment with them, as much as you can.

To do this you will write a few simple but powerful questions.
You will then use these Questions for Living whenever you are considering an option or when a choice needs to be made. Whenever you become aware you are thinking about a particular subject; or when you suddenly realise you are not, or have not been experiencing that Principle in your life. You would stop in the moment and ask the relevant question, as a way of keeping yourself accountable.

Let’s say Joy was one of the Principles that strongly resonated clearly within you.
Therefore some Questions for Living you could write would be like this:
Does this thought bring me Joy?
Does thinking this way bring me Joy?
When doing this activity does it fill me with Joy?
When I behave in this manner does it make me Joyful?
If I speak or act in this way, does it create or bring Joy to all others?

In seeking to embody the positive values that makes your Heart sing, you must do so in a way that doesn’t stops others from doing the same – so you must seek with Lovingkindness.
And because what you genuinely seek for our self, you must gift to others (for you cannot receive without first giving), you probably need to ask these questions as well:
Does the way I seek Joy cause harm to any others?
Will my choices and actions limit or interfere with the Joy of others?

We create for our individual selves, but we are not truly separate!

It is true we are not responsible for other people’s experiences in life – we are each the scriptwriters of our own lives. However we are one race on one world, and all interconnected. To be Heart Based means we care about the consequences of our choices. We care about whether we support and nurture others, or whether we cause them hurt and pain. And especially we care about the legacy we leave for the generations to come – future humans, all other species, and the earth itself.
Therefore we should always ask questions about the effects of our choices on others, and the long-term consequences – this is Lovingkindness and Wisdom in action!

Once we ask these Accountability Questions of ourselves, we must take action on the answers.
If we are seeking Joy and we discover what we are thinking, saying, or doing will not create this – we must change our choices!

The more awakened and aware we become, the more knowledge we possess, and the more we contemplate the effects of the causes we action – the deeper our level of embodied Joy and Love.
Greater awareness leads to greater awareness still.

I wish you the very best in your efforts of Conscious Heart Based Self-Creation.
Identifying your Authentic Values and striving to embody them, is sure to create a life of Meaningful Purpose!

In Conscious Love

Azure Seer

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