Gem – Emotions Are ‘Reject Substance’

What do you Use to Choose?

As effects are the result of causes and emotions are the results or effects of thought; as poop is the reject substance or result of ingesting food, emotions can be described as the reject substance of the mind, or the poop created through ingesting and ruminating on thoughts and ideas – whether consciously or subconsciously!

As amusing as this analogy is, in theory, just as we can determine the condition of our digestive system through observing our poop, so too, can we determine the condition of our mind by observing our emotions.

However, we should never base our decision making on our poop or our emotions alone. An Effect is a transmuted reflection of its Cause, and much data is lost or obscured in the process. So, wisdom is required if we are going to navigate by the Effects we call poop or emotions.

Orient to Cause over Effect

Just as it is better to gauge the value of a high-vibrational piece of fruit by examining the fruit itself, rather than its resultant low-vibrational remaining substance after digestion, so too is it better to navigate by feelings of a far higher vibration than our emotions – by Causative Feelings rather than Effective Feelings (if we could label either of them as such).

In way of example, we could call Capital L Love as “Causative” due to its effects on all the Planes of Perception beneath its source and within it vibrationally, whereas the emotions are only causative upon the physical body – our only sheath that vibrates lower than and is contained within the astral or emotional body.

All realms of Maya, Glamour, and Illusion are “form realms,” and hence, illusory and noted as “planes of effect.” This is why mastering our body, emotions, and concrete mind, and orienting ourselves to the level of the Soul and Above, requires mastery of both form and illusion – thus, shifting the seat of our awareness from the world of Effects to the seat of true Causes. The successful achievement of this endows a person with the first true level of enlightenment.

Let us all Orient to our Fruitful Higher Minds and our Sweet Hearts rather than our Poopy Emotions.

To our Elevation
Azure Seer

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