On Alluring ‘Out-There’ Topics

Be Wary of Mental Noise

​When you encounter topics, information, or ideas that lie far outside the shared human experience, those that may be labelled as Out-There, and you find you have a desire to dive into them, to know, explore, or live them, a great response is to pause and ask yourself these questions:

  • Will knowing if this is true genuinely make a difference in my life or the world?
  • Will this knowledge help me be more Heart-Based, or enable me to serve better?
  • Will knowing this make me a better person?
  • Is exploring this truly a good use of my time?
  • Does this topic really matter, or, in the end, is this just more mental noise, even if fascinating noise, that will only distract me (and humanity), from what truly needs our attention?
  • Is this topic one that rightfully belongs in the “Unnecessary” category of the age-old wisdom question to help us keep our focus right: “Is it Kind, is it True, is it Necessary?”

Note: It is wise, at some stage, to also ask these questions regarding all that lies within the shared human experience, and not just question the apparently fantastical. But do exercise caution, as you do not want to sell out your wisdom and balance to mental-emotional intrigue.

Consider Ideas with Wisdom

Just because a question, a possibility, or curiosity has appeared before us, does not mean we must explore it!

In this Age of the Intellect, humans are generating ideas at a phenomenal rate, and not all are savoury let alone harmless in their effects. While the majority may be nothing more than distractions from what matters most, this type of distraction, when endemic, can even block Divine Light!

This same principle of choosing with wisdom what we entertain or explore, also applies to scientific research and technological development – just because we can do something, does not mean we should do it! Research opens the door. And some doors are best left closed! We must assess with care where we direct our attention, be pristinely clear on the intentions driving it, and all possible outcomes from such research or developments, for perhaps the cons far outweigh any potential pros.
This is Right Thinking and Wisdom in Action!
And a healthy example of Co-Measurement.

Be Conscious with Your Attention

If, after the first set of questions, you do wish to explore Out-There topics or practices, it is good form to stop and ask yourself these additional questions as well:

  • Why do I want to explore these things?
  • What is it I hope they will give me or create for me?
  • Is this the best, most Heart-Based and efficient way to achieve these desires, goals, or outcomes?
  • Are these goals truly in the best interests of myself and the world?
  • Is this direction or focus masking, hiding, and enabling avoidance within me, is it a surface level distraction or pro level procrastination?
  • Is there anything else it would be better to give my time, focus, and energy to?

It is always good to be conscious, and to use this greater awareness to pause and question what we give our attention to. Our focus creates! And remember, “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.” So, when confronted with something new, fantastical, and alluring to you, stop, take a breath, centre into your inner stillness, and ask yourself some consciousness-raising questions. You will be truly glad you did!

In Love
Azure Seer

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