Gem – When Limitation Serves Us

Sometimes a Limitation is Really a Focusing

We have all witnessed people whose perspectives or opinions would be described as “narrow-minded,” and we are all aware that their state is due to being “closed-minded.” A narrowing of our focus is often the way we trap ourselves in glamour and delusion, as we have discluded, or not opened to, information that is essential to an accurate comprehension. This practice creates ignorance within a person, as they ignore important details.

However, we can also use limitation to our advantage, if we harness and focus our questions, awareness, or power. The trick is to open to all we are capable of including, and then to consciously draw it all into a narrowed focalisation. This allows us to perceive the tiniest of details.

A Narrowing Focus Gives Light Power

When light is open and free we have a “flood light,” which shines over a broad area, offering a basic level of illumination to everything. When, however, we narrow or limit its range, when we focus that light, it becomes what we call a laser, a beam of light with great harnessed power, which allows us to cut through dense matter.

This focusing principle is also true with physical sight. With our eyes wide we can see a certain degree of what’s around us, like a panoramic overview. But when we limit or narrow our field of vision and we focus on the smaller details we usually do not notice, when added to the panorama, we then have a more accurate perception of everything surrounding us.

Now extending the laser analogy…
When the light we are using is the Clear Light of Mind, when focused, it can cut through our emotional glamours and the veil to see maya as it truly is. When we need to cut through the illusions and delusions within the mind itself, then we need the clear focused Light of the Soul.

In all cases of focusing light, the so-called applied limitations allow us to perceive things we could not see with a broad overview, and therefore, to wield greater power.

As with Perception, so with Transmutation

The principle of limitation creating greater power also applies to the alchemical process of transmutation.
When we are contained within a crucible of Love-Wisdom and both energetic and psychological heat and pressure are consciously applied and wisely managed, our usual dull, coal-like consciousness transforms, offering us clear pristine diamond-sight.

What is available to diamond-like purified luminous consciousness is not available to coal-like dull dark consciousness.

Thus, the narrowing or limiting of awareness or focus, when done correctly and handled with true wisdom, creates perceptions and abilities far beyond those of the usual or common human being!

To the overview empowered by details
Azure Seer

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